Welcome to my blog

Why have I decided to start a blog? Well, I had some free time on my hands and a lot to get of my chest so I thought ‘Why not!’


Life as a parent can become so baffling! Sometimes you need to rant to anyone who will listen. And sometimes you just need adult conversation! Writing helps me to get things off my chest, ‘a problem shared’ as they say. I also find it very therapeutic, an escape that is so often needed.

I may be good at it, there again, I may not. But if I don’t give it a go then I’ll never know. At least I’ll have fun trying.

Life is for taking risks and it’s been a while since I’ve taken any, so here goes…

“Welcome to my blog website. Sit back, relax, have a cup of coffee/tea and happy reading”


I’m a mum to 3 lovely children who can drive me crazy at times and a pet dog who listens to me more than anyone else in the house. I’m very happily married and honestly couldn’t ask for more from life… I love to read, love to write, love to laugh and love to dream!



I don’t want my children to follow in my footsteps.

I have lived my life how I wanted, set my own goals and followed my dreams.

Now I want my children to make their own dreams.

I will, however, try to guide them down the right paths.

And if they fail, I will help them get up and try again.


(I love the original poem – walk a little slower. It was my inspiration for this poem)

© 2018 Baffledmum 


Make sure to view my page ‘Mind of a Child.’ This page is dedicated to all the ridiculously funny things our children say. If you have any funny stories about your children that you would like me to share on this page, please send me details through the contact page. Include any names/links you would like me to include… Lets share how our kids make us laugh! 


Need to add some laughter to your life? View my ‘Blogs 4 A Laughpage and let’s laugh together over these jokes which I’ve turned into short blogs! If you would like me to publish a joke on your behalf use the contact page to send your joke along with your details (if you want me to include your name). 



I hope you enjoy my blog, I try my best to keep you entertained through humour and a few serious blogs (but not too many). I want to create a space for you to escape the stresses of real life and just laugh – Laughter is the best medicine after all!

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Thank you…

Suki. X