Another recreational drug!

For the last few months I have been noticing tiny, little chrome bottles on the streets. I just presumed they were some sort of new trend kids had taken up.

This morning when I left the house to walk the dog, I found this on the corner of my road –

Still not sure what they were, I snapped a photo so I could investigate later.

This is what I found out:

They are called ‘cream chargers’. A steel canister filled with nitrous oxide which is used in whipped cream dispensers. This same nitrous oxide is also used in hybrid model rocket engines.

So what’s it doing on the street?

As they are now so cheap and conveniently available, drug users are inhaling it to achieve a high. The effects can vary depending on how much has been inhaled, they include euphoria, relaxation, calmness, dizziness, giggles and difficultly in thinking straight. In extreme cases there have been reports of cardiac arrest resulting in death.

It seems like people will find a way to get a high from pretty much anything nowadays. If its not bad enough that we see drug deals taking place at every street corner, that we smell weed first thing in the mornings when taking the kids to school, but now we also need to track new drug habits just to keep our children safe!

And what can we do about it? Absolutely nothing as it’s not illegal.

So we just have to try to teach our children right from wrong, to not mess with foreign substances, to evaluate the risks. But the way the future seems to be heading, it seems like taking drugs could become a norm. It’s already become a habit amongst our teens. If everybody else is doing it, will our children still believe it’s wrong? Or will peer pressure win them over?

I can’t predict how the next generation will turn out, but I hope for a new, safer craze which will move them away from drugs and alcohol.



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