Teenage stress.

Why is it so hard to communicate with teenagers. It seems that the more vocabulary they learn, the less they actually use! And when the attitude kicks in, that’s when you’re trouble!

I understand that times have evolved and this generation of young adults has a lot more stress than most of us did growing up. They feel a constant need to keep up appearances amongst their friends, whose dressed the best, whose got the newest phone or the latest video game. Education is another contributing factor, it seems to be getting more difficult by the day, standards are rising and the curriculum seems to be forever changing.


So I do appreciate that kids get home from school and may need to let off some steam. But instead of going out to kick a football about or get on their bikes and ride the tensions away, what do they do? They sit on their phones or games consoles! Which, in all honesty can lead to more stress.

The competitive games they plays where someone is always better than they are, becoming obsessed until they win. The social networking sites that can lead to low self-worth if you haven’t got as many follows as your friends. Cyber bullying, name calling, body shaming, anxiety, fixation, addition, these are just some of the negative impacts children are effected with.


I, myself have noticed how different my children are when they are on their chosen gadget. Nothing else going on around them matters. It’s almost like getting a high of an addition, but it’s never enough. And what follows a high? The come down after, back to life, the wanting to have another go at a game, another flick through their social media. So when they can’t return to it, is when the sulking starts. The arguing and bickering, back chat, the dirty looks. It’s almost like they don’t know how to function without a device in their hands.

Enough is enough. My husband and I decided to have Sundays as a ‘no gadget day’. It’s amazing! One day a week we get actual conversation and interaction with our children, with no distractions. We discover the up’s and down’s of their week and they find out what each other has been up to. It’s the one day where we will all sit in the same room for the majority of the day. The one day when board games come out of the cupboard, or a pack of cards, and we all sit around and play. The one day when we can watch movies together because they kids can’t watch YouTube instead! The one day they will actually come with us to walk the dog. This one day unites us back as a family.

On these Sundays, it feels like we’ve gone back in time and I’m experiencing my childhood again. We didn’t have all this technology and we did just fine. These Sundays is how we grew up, with our families not with gadgets.

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