Child over Dog?

“Shall we have another kid?” my husband surprised me by asking one day. “No chance” was my reply. Already a mum to 3 boys, there was no way I would even think about having another! But then I thought I’d try my luck. “Shall we get a dog?” I asked him. “No way” he shot back.

Growing up my family always had a dog, to be precise we always had German Shepherds. I absolutely loved them and I wanted to get one, the kids were also up for it. But my husband had never been a dog person. But I really wanted one! So I started nagging him.

I nagged and nagged and nagged, finally after about month he got fed up and gave in.

I didn’t waste any time incase he changed his mind, I went and brought a puppy within the week. We named him Kofi.

Obviously the first few months were tough. Kofi had separation issues, was nipping us due to teething and wasn’t house trained so did his business inside! Not much different to having a new-born baby really, the teething, dirty nappies and crying.

Things quickly settled down and we realised Kofi had some brilliant qualities. He responded well to training and enjoyed learning new tricks. His obedience was superb, much better than the kids!

I call the kids and most of the time I’m not even lucky enough to get a reply, I call Kofi and he comes running.

I ask the kids to get off their gadgets and they moan and beg for ‘5 more minutes’, I tell Kofi to drop his toy and he’ll do it there and then.

The kids walk straight into the house with muddy shoes, Kofi’s been taught to walk in circles on a mat to dry his paws then he waits for the command to come in!

So are you starting to understand why I wanted a dog over another child?

And another point – Kofi is at my side wherever I go, I often trip over him because I don’t realise he’s there. The kids on the other hand, spend most of their time in their rooms.

I’ve met dog owners who will swear it’s so much easier having a dog vs having a child. I must admit it some cases it’s true.

The bond with a dog is such a simple one, you feed and walk them and they’ll love you unconditionally. Bonding with your child is a long difficult road, you can love your children to death but there are always hurdles to cross. Don’t get me wrong, my kids mean more to me than anything in the world and I know I’m blessed to have them. I’m just stating that it’s not an easy journey. Until your child becomes a parent themselves, they never appreciate exactly how much you have done for them, I’m speaking from my own experience.

By the time you and your child can call yourselves FRIENDS, they’ve already moved out of the family home.

However, your dog will love you completely and stay with you until the end.

In conclusion, the bond with your child is obviously greater but if it’s company you want, get a dog.

…And as for my husband not wanting a dog, he now loves him probably about as much as I do!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    A well written humorous blog with a lot of truth behind it. Your dog is gorgeous,

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  2. Anonymous says:

    My dog is my child. He cheers me up when I’m down and he’ll protect me with his life. I also have a German Shepherd.

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  3. Sandra says:

    Dogs bring so much to our lives. Children do too. My children have all grown and flown the nest, now I have 3 dogs and they are my life. They are my companionship. They are my security. I would be lost without them. So to me children and dogs have the same value, it depends who gives you the most love back.


  4. And they grow up so fast!!! Don’t you just love it when they are pups and you can pick them up whenever you want. 😀

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    1. Baffledmum says:

      Yep! I’ve got no chance of picking him up now! Still cute though… 🐕 x

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      1. They will always be cute 😀

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