Out of body experience

Have you ever had an out of body experience? Do you believe there’s such a thing? I think I too would be sceptical if I hadn’t experienced it myself.


There are things in this world that we just can’t explain. Science can try to justify these extraordinary incidents but sometimes I think if you believe in God, you know his hand is behind it.

I was in labour with my first born. 28 hours of pure anguish. I still have nightmares about it now. It was the worst pain imaginable, the feeling of my insides being ripped out!

My contractions started to slow down and the midwife wasn’t happy. “You have to push harder” she told me, I didn’t understand how much harder I could push! With no signs of baby wanting to come into this world, I was honestly ready to give up. I was so exhausted and it was too late on in the delivery to have any more pain relief. The Doctor had been in to check on me, they decided to give me another half an hour or they would have to carry out a C-section.

My husband was at my side and I remember telling him that I’d had enough, I couldn’t do it anymore. He tried to encourage me “of course you can, come on”. But I honestly couldn’t and that was it…


Strange lights in my eyes, humming in my ears… then I regained focus. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, I was looking down upon myself! I’m hovering in the air above the bed and I’m watching myself refusing to wake up.

My husband and the midwife are stroking my hands, rubbing my arms, calling to me and waiting for a response… I didn’t want to go back, I was at ease… No pain… Just calm… Bliss… So I stayed.

I watched as my husband got more and more anxious as time passed. He was shaking me now but my eyes remained closed. The midwife was also looking worried… I remember wondering if I should go back…

“The babies in distress” – the midwife’s words rung in my ear and all of a sudden…

The pain was back. I woke startled, unable to work out where I was, the contraction quickly reminded me.

Not long after I delivered a healthy baby boy.

I didn’t speak of my experience for quiet some time, I was almost scared to. I wasn’t sure how it would be perceived. Would it make me sound crazy? It’s already a tough period of your life, first time mum, everything’s new, emotions are all over the place. So I waited until life started to settle.

Then I did my research. I found many stories on the internet of people going through the same thing, believing they’d had a near death experience. Some people even believe they leave their bodies quite frequently, some during their sleep. I found scientists claiming it’s a clinical condition where the brain function is compromised – which maybe could explain my experience as I was on gas and air before it happened, as my form of pain relief. Some say they are lucid dreams. There’s just so many contradicting theories I don’t think anybody actually knows what it is.

All I know is – it happened to me and it felt so real. I might not be able to explain it but I was glad for the little time I was able to escape my pain.

Please share if you have any thoughts or views on these phenomenal experiences.

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  1. I am not surprised but happy to see that there is one more person who had such an experience. Once, when I was of 16 or 17, I used to have such experiences very frequently. I had no explanation, but now I think that sudden Hormonal changes may induce such experiences. You might have gone through such changes during pregnancy, which caused out of body experience. And I am so much agree with you that at that moment there is no pain but a feeling of pure bliss. I remember that just before the onset of such experience, I used to become conscious in the sleep. It was like a situation of awareness that I was sleeping and I could control my dream. Some people call it Lucid dreaming. So my out of body experience always started with lucid dreaming. And whenever I had ‘out of body experience, I was having a better control. Even I could see myself sleeping on the bed. Now the frequency of such experiences is very very low. May be once on 2 years.

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    1. Baffledmum says:

      Thank’s for leaving this comment, it’s great to hear about somebody else’s experience. It’s an amazing & unbelievable moment, but 1 I’ll always remember… x

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