Spread some positivity!

In general, we are really quick to put people down. To see the negatives around us.

  • How youngsters are no longer showing respect.
  • How schools have no control over their pupils.
  • How there seems to be a drug dealer on every corner.
  • Why people need to drink so much they can’t control their actions.
  • How taking drugs is somehow a ‘cool’ thing to do.
  • Why some drivers think they own the road.

etc….. (all subjects I may blog about soon, watch this space!)

I think you understand what I’m talking about. It makes you feel a bit like this:


But how often do we notice the good people do? As a mum, and having worked in a school, I know that one of the reasons children play up is to get attention. And it works! Even though we don’t want it to! We spend more time disciplining a naughty child than we do acknowledging a well-behaved child. So the good gets overlooked.

This made me think about what I ‘miss’ happening around me on a daily basis.

So I set myself a challenge. During the week I would keep an eye out for human positivity, generosity and good deeds. In all honesty, I doubted how many positive attitudes I would be able to report back on…. However, I was presently surprised!

  • Shopping in Asda on Monday morning is a nightmare! The queues are long and the general mood is – well moody! (Moody Mondays as the saying goes). No one is happy that the weekend flew past so quickly and nobody wants to be stuck in the queue to be served by a cashier who would rather still be at home tucked up in bed (as would I on Mondays). So firstly I was very taken back when the lady in front of me in the queue allowed to me go before her, as I had less shopping .But then the lady before her also kept the memento going and let me go in front of her. Double whammy! Then the cashier was really friendly and helped packed my bags, it usually takes me ages (dodgy fingers due to early arthritis!). And if that wasn’t enough – after I’d loaded the shopping into my car boot, a passer-by offered to take my trolley because he was on the way to take his! … 4 positives had impacted my life in under an hour! 😃😃😃😃


  • As anyone living in the U.K. may have noticed this week, it snowed! It was horribly cold, the roads were icy and slippery but on a plus side – the kids were loving it! I, on the other hand, was definitely not! I hate the cold with a passion! So when I go out in the morning and spend 10 minutes (which seems like half an hour) scraping the ice of my car windscreen, only to find afterwards that my car won’t start! I’m really not impressed! I’m cursing the world, under my breath of course – kids are still around. Then I’m eternally grateful when a neighbour from down the road (who I’ve spoke to maybe once in the 2 years we’ve lived here) comes by, realises what’s going on and without being asked jump starts my car. I don’t even know his name! (I’ll have to find out and add him to my Christmas list). … 1 good deed first thing in the morning. 😃


  • Another freezing day! A mixture of snow and ice on the pavements. We have a council grit box at the end of our street and a few of the neighbours (whom I do know!) have got together and gone out early morning and gritted our road! They’ve even paid extra caution and cleared the driveways of our 2 elderly neighbouring residents. How sweet! Nobody has asked them to do this, they’ve done it out of the goodness of their hearts. … I’m going to give this 3 ticks as it was the work of 3 kind souls. 😃😃😃


  • I’m on the school run, collection time! Having collected the kids, I’m on my way home trying to join the main road. All of a sudden I see an elderly man slip on the pavement, a nasty fall! He can’t get back up! Now this is a very busy main road so lots of drivers would have witnessed the fall. And they did! And they reacted. Cars braked sharply and drivers were rushing out of their vehicles, leaving them in the road, to attend to the gentleman. There must have been approximately 6 people assisting this man, a lady even came out of her house bringing a glass of water for him. The traffic started building so another man got out of his car and started signalling to allow traffic to pass safely. … Amazing to watch people come together for the aid of a stranger. 😃😃😃😃😃😃 + the lady with the water 😃 + the man helping traffic 😃


  • I can’t end this blog without mentioning a post which was shared on my Facebook. It was posted through brightvibes.com. Three teenagers were captured on CCTV in Poland, placing a quilt over a homeless man sleeping on a bench! It’s strange because when I first saw this post, I had a quick glance over the title and my brain picked up the main text ‘teenagers’, ‘homeless man’ and ‘CCTV’.  From this I presumed the worst – teenagers had beaten up a homeless man! So you can imagine my guilt (and amazement) after reading the story. … Well done guys and I apologise. 😃😃😃


An eventful week, considering the weather was terrible and I tried my best not to leave the house! It truly shocked me how much good I have noticed this week, I haven’t even mentioned the general good manners I noticed.

Instead of going about my day wondering which idiot I would see doing something stupid, I set out looking for good in people. And there were many.

It made me think…

Maybe there is more good in the world than bad, we just don’t notice it…

Maybe I’m too quick to pass judgement, like they say – you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover…

Maybe witnessing all the negativity in the world has made me a negative person…

Maybe we need to change the way we perceive the world…

And in conclusion…

“Let’s share more positivity our world!”


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  1. You are so right! Instead of always seeing the negative, we should always compliment the positive

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  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m a teacher and it’s true- you get to know the naughty kids first. It’s really not fair.

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Very well said, written. People are too quick to assume the worst.

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  4. Anonymous says:

    Very true

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