10 laws against women around the world.

A must read for all women (men also welcome). It left me disgusted that women still go through this!


Men and women equality is still a myth. There are many laws which still exist against women around the world. I have not included women’s right to drive in Saudi Arabia as it already has necessary amount of attention. So here goes the list of laws against women curated by me..

1. Women cannot leave her home without husband’s permission

Country : Afghanistan

Article 133 of Afghanistan’s Shia Personal Status Law of 2009 provides that the household’s supervision is solely the right of the husband and restricts a wife’s right to leave the home.

2. A Man can legally beat his wife.

Country : Nigeria

Section 55(1)(d) of the Penal Code of Northern Nigeria provides that an assault by a man on a woman is not an offense if they are married, if native law or custom recognizes such “correction” as lawful, and if there is no grievous hurt.


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