Save Me

I’ve just finished watching a series on Sky Atlantic called ‘Save Me’. Its stars Lennie James, better known as Morgan from ‘The Walking Dead’ and Suranne Jones, who I remember as Karen from ‘Coronation Street’.

I started watching this on Sunday night. There was nothing on TV and I was reading through the last few posts from bloggers I follow. This drama appeared on the ‘Todays Top Picks’ on the Sky menu, so I thought I’d put it on as background noise. Within 5 minutes, my IPad was down and then a couple of minutes later – so was my husbands. This programme had us gripped from the off set. We were awake till 3 in the morning! We just couldn’t sleep without knowing what happened next so we watched the whole series (6 episodes).

Without giving too much away, It’s about a child, 13 year old girl, who is abducted. The series follows the search for her and shows the emotion impact and strains the family go through to get her back. It also gives you an insight into the dark web.

Definitely the best drama I’ve seen, ever! A drama that has left an emotional scar. It made me think…

What a horrible world we live in, everything shown in this programme was derived from true criminal activity. I can’t comprehend how anybody can put another through such an ordeal. To abduct a helpless child, take them away from the love and security blanket of their family, to use and abuse them and play on their innocence. It’s just horrific!

A child is brought into this world to be loved and nurtured. A  child is a sweet, naïve, trusting soul. A child is delicate and fragile, the light of it’s parent’s heart. How can anybody be so vile to destroy this cherished gift?

It makes me shiver just thinking about those parents in the world who have had a child taken from them. To not know if your child is alive, to not know what state they are living in, to feel useless because there’s absolutely nothing you can do to protect them anymore. How do you carry on? How do you not stop breathing? How do you stop that ache, that longing. How???

My world would come crashing down if anything ever happened to my children. Just writing this is filling me with emotions so deep its breaking my heart. My children are safe, at school, I know I’ll collect them in a few hours and they’ll be back in my arms. But I also know that may not be the case, anything could happen. I forever pray it doesn’t…

If you haven’t watched the show yet, please do. And if your children are old enough, make them watch it as well. It highlights the dangers our children need to be aware of, especially with social media being such an important part of their lives nowadays.

And for all reading this – cherish those in your life. Love each day as it’s your last. And please, be safe

Suki…. X

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