Pregnancy is scary. Labour is worse!

Pregnancy is a scary time for any mum and dad to be. Labour is even worse! Whilst the mum is agonising in pain, screaming and cursing, the dad is trying to do whatever he can to make the situation calmer. Well he tries…

An hysterical man call 911 and is screaming down the phone.

Man:  Please come quickly! Donna is pregnant and her waters have broke.

Operator:  Please sir, stay calm. 

Man:  Calm? How can I stay calm? I need someone here now!

Operator:  Yes sir, I’ll get someone there as soon as possible. Tell me, is this her first child?

Man:  No you dumbass! It’s her husband!



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  1. Shobha Iyer says:

    lol…sense of humour

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  2. 😂 😂 😂 He was definitely in the panic state 😂

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  3. This cracked me up!!! Dads always can goof up in the most adorable way 😀

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    1. Baffledmum says:

      Dads are just big kids! Well my hubby definitely is! X

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      1. Good luck with that 😂

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  4. Anonymous says:


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  5. Anonymous says:

    Men be calm in a situation, good luck with that!
    Very funny. 😉

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  6. Anonymous says:

    Well… husbands are just big kids

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    1. Baffledmum says:

      Oh, tell me about it… actually – lets not go there! Lol! X


  7. I got what you mean ,bookmarked, very nice website .


  8. SnowGem Pool says:

    “I am just starting to learn about all of this. Thanks for your help!”


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