Musicians only know Music

Musicians. All they know is music. They play music, they think music, they listen to… well music! So when a musician has to name his children, can you imagine the names they would come up with?

A drummer and his wife are having their 5th child. She comes up with some lovely names and asks her husband.

Wife:  So what do you think about Rosie?

Drummer:  Nah!

Wife:  Jasmine?

Drummer:  Nope!

Wife:  How about Brinley, I really like that one?

Drummer:  I’m not sure babe, it’s a bit unusual.

Wife:  Well I let you have your way with the other’s names so I think I should decide this time!

Drummer: Ok, but pick something I can remember.

Wife:  What like the other girls? Don’t you think it’s time we changed their names?

Drummer:  NO! I love their names… Anna 1, Anna 2, Anna 3, Anna 4 !!!





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