Explaining Relationships

It’s really difficult explaining relationships to a child. They know the basics – brothers, sisters, mum, dad, and grandparents. But when they need to start realising that Nani is their mum’s mum and Grandad is daddy’s dad, that when things start to get tricky.

I remember a really funny conversation a while back with myΒ  youngest son about marriage.

He always gets really shy when he see’s a pretty girl, on the streets or even on TV. I love watching his reaction, he’ll slowly begin to smile, lower his eyes and go all wiggly! It’s soooo cute! On such an occasion, we were watching TV and the tell-tale signs started…

I mock him…

Oh, she’s pretty isn’t she?


He giggles and squirms!Β 

I continue…

Is that the type of girl you want to marry one day?

I don’t know…

Came his answer, but then…

I’m going to marry you when I’m older.


So this is when, again, I had to explain how the world works…

You can’t marry me, darling, I’m your mummy.Β 


He looks really confused…

Yeah but daddy’s married to you.


I agree…

Yes, but I’m not his mummy.


More confusion…

Then why does he call you mummy?


Now I’m confused?

He doesn’t call me mummy, you’ve just got mistaken baby.


He’s shaking his head now…

No! Whenever I ask him something he says “go and ask mummy”.

That’s you! Β 

So your mummy and he’s married to you!


I think my husband has to take the blame for this one!

boyPhoto by Jonathan Daniels on Unsplash

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