Favourite Twin

I’m one half of a twin. Not the favourite half though…

Growing up I’ve always known my mum favoured my sister over me, she (obviously) denied it. But as the years went by it became more and more apparent.

She got to have the bigger bedroom!

She got the nice purple bike, I got the plain black one!

We both really liked the same prom dress but mum said it suited her better – we’re identical twins!

Our first cars which we got as presents – she got a Audi, I got a Fiesta!Β 

Mum kept telling me it was all in my head. I started believing that maybe she was right, I was just playing the victim… Until one day when one sentence from her to me proved my suspicions…

Mum:Β  Hurry up and blow up those balloons, we don’t want to spoil your SISTER’S surprise birthday party !!!




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