Married to ‘Mr Tomorrow’

No I haven’t divorce and remarried!

‘Mr Tomorrow’ is the well suited nickname I have given my husband. Even he laughs when I call him that, he knows it’s true! And it’s not even me, the kids have realised the attributes of their dad – Mr Tomorrow.

You never really get to know somebody until you’ve lived with them. You might date that person for years and in your mind this person is perfect, they can’t put a step wrong. But the truth only starts to appear after you begin to cohabit.

So the nickname – It was actually my husband’s dad who first called him this. He’d been asked to do something but my hubby had his ‘chilling’ mode on so replied that he’d do it tomorrow, so my father-in-law called him Mr Tomorrow. I couldn’t stop laughing, the kids were in stitches, even hubby found it hilarious. And so the name stuck.


I’m a very independent person and I will try my hand at pretty much anything. But there are times when I do need his help.

For instance, I needed some shelves putting up in the boy’s room and I asked hubby if he could do it. I can’t use a drill, I’ve tried but for some reason the holes either don’t go through far enough or get wider instead of deeper! It doesn’t work! So I’ve asked hubby and (as his name states) he replied “I’ll do it tomorrow”. Ok, fine, I don’t like to nag so I wait. The next day I try again, “I’m tired, I’ll do it tomorrow”. Ok. I understand that he works hard so I give him another day. But when on the third day I get the same reply, I’ve had enough. So the following day I decide to give it a go myself. I clear the space, get out the drill, the plugs and screws and then what happens? Hubby comes and says “what you doing?”  (!!!) Is it not obvious?! And then miraculously, he takes the drill of me and puts up the shelve. It takes less than 5 minutes to do… after 4 days of waiting.

I may have been annoyed at that moment but I’d also found a way to get hubby to do things quicker… Start doing it myself!

I’ve put this to the test many times since and YES, it works! I still give him a couple of chances and I think he’s caught on because sometimes he will do things on the same day, or the following. Amazing!

However, there are still some times when I loose. Normally when it’s a task that I wouldn’t know where to start with. 🙁

We’ve needed a new front door since we moved into our house, over 2 years. It has a gap along the side of it which let’s in quite a draft. Every year we decide to get it changed before winter kicks in, it hasn’t happened yet. Around October time I remember asking Hubby to get it sorted, gas prices are so high now and it seems impossible to keep the house warm. I waited, October passed, then November, December and now we’re in March and I’m still waiting. We had minus freezing temperatures and snow, a lot of snow! So much snow visited us in the UK in March that we invited it into our house, literally! It came into the house through the gap in the door! The dog licked up the first lot then we filled the gap… with newspaper! I’m hoping now that hubby has realised how bad the gap is, he might actually get around to changing the door. Fingers crossed.

Sometimes I think, maybe I should write him a ‘to do list’ and put it up on the fridge – his most visited place. Then I decide against it because he’ll probably act like he can’t see it or he’ll do me a list in retaliation.



(Photo by Sanah Suvarna on Unsplash )

So are you married to a Mr/Mrs Today or Mr/Mrs Tomorrow? … Or even a Mr/Mrs Don’t Bother Asking?

(Before I sign off, I must state – I still love my Mr Tomorrow very much)

21 thoughts on “Married to ‘Mr Tomorrow’

  1. MissteriosoDas says:

    I couldn’t stop laughing. Your Mr Tomorrow gave us a reason to laugh. 😀and at least the dog had fun licking all the snow. I would have disclosed more. But I guess I will maintain the mystery about me for a bit more😋😂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Intrigue Sui Generis says:

    I can relate to this blog. In the beginning of our marriage this use to work. Unfortunately, 13 years later. My husband is becoming too comfortable with me doing some of the house work myself. Past success has doomed me. He doesn’t seem to understand that just because I can do it, does not mean that I want too….Hmmmmm going to have to try something else. Keep me posted if you learn any new tricks.

    Liked by 2 people

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