My Little Angel

I will never turn down a helping hand… Even if it’s coming from my little boy.

I suffer terribly with migraines! But no matter how rough I feel, no matter how much my head is pounding, a mum can never stop! So I carry on, slowly but surely I get through the day and can finally retreat to bed and sleep the migraine away. (Wow that rhymes!)

On one of these awful days my son noticed how much I was struggling and did all he could to help me out..

I hadn’t sorted anything out for lunch so the easiest option was to do omelettes for everyone. He came to the kitchen with me, got out all the ingredients and got his little foot stool so he could reach the worktop properly. Then he cracked the eggs in a mixing bowl, added some salt and pepper plus the cheese and ham I had sliced up and began to mix. Luckily at that point his fingers had got sticky so whilst he went to rinse his hands off, I quickly picked out all the little bits of cracked shell from the mixture before he noticed! And this was repeated 4 times! It took me longer to rectify his errors than it would have done if he hadn’t helped me. But still I was grateful…


Then it was hoover time. I got the vacuum out, even though my head was throbbing, it needed to be done. Again my son came running “I’ll do it mummy, you sit down and chill out”. What a star! So I plugged it in for him and he vacuumed away… and away… and away. Half an hour later and he was still at it! It should have only been a 5 minute job! All that noise of the vacuum humming had made my head hurt even more. But I was still grateful…

On to the dishes. I got the kids to put their dishes in the sink – miracle they actually listened! Normally they’d be left at the dining table until either hubby or I would shout at them that we’re not their slaves! Over the top, I know! However sometimes it feels like that’s what they think.

So the dishes are in the sink and I get up to wash them. Again my little angel comes running, “I’ll wash the dishes mummy, you sit down and close your eyes”. I can just about keep my eyes open now, so I do as I’m told. He washes the dishes and places them neatly on the drying rack. When he’s finished, he goes off to play. After a little while I go to get a glass of water and see the mess that’s been left for me in the kitchen. Soap all over the sink and worktop and the dishes still stained with food. So I re-wash the dishes and wipe the counter surfaces. It takes me longer than it would have had I washed the dishes originally. But still I was grateful…


I made it through the day. Hubby returned home from work and I was able to go to bed leaving the kids in his capable hands.

In bed, my eyes are closed when I hear a gentle tip toe entering my room. And then a loving kiss is planted on my cheek. I open my eyes to the sweet smile of my son. “You sleep mummy, I’ll look after daddy”. My heart melts… And then I think – Good luck Hubby, now it’s your turnAnd I’m grateful !!!

“Bless you son, your kind heart will take you far… XXX

23 thoughts on “My Little Angel

  1. mummyest2014 says:

    Aw that is so sweet. Migraines are awful so you have my sympathy. Thankfully my Mum is just down the road so I pack J off so I can sleep mine off but somedays that’s not an option. Makes ‘Mum-ing’ that bit harder x

    Liked by 1 person

    • Baffledmum says:

      Thank you๐Ÿ˜˜ Yes migraines are horrible & come without warning, I’m lucky my kids understand how difficult it gets for me when one comes on. I love them more for it – if that’s possible! My mum’s about a hour away so don’t have any support… But like you said, we carry on. X

      Liked by 1 person

  2. shoniessky says:

    I love your personality.. that’s one point I wanted to state.. you shine through your words through every line. I must say so far I enjoy your writing and will continue to read your posts. This was heartwarming.. having kids, many will relate to exactly how you described this. It wasn’t about the extra work we’d knew we’d have to do in the long run. It’s the fact of seeing how truly great of a parent where we must of done something right to have this little person we made be so kind and knowing genuinely how to love. He sounds amazing!! Good boy โคโค

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Mark Lanesbury says:

    They are such magic, and sometimes a terror too. But they mean well. The fact that they offer such bittersweet efforts means the love they have been shown is now a part of who they are. Take a bow mum โค
    But please hide the clothes iron, for another couple of years anyway ๐Ÿ˜€

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