A wife’s Terms

I don’t know why I even bother arguing with my wife, I can never win!

She might actually be in the wrong… not that she’ll ever admit it.

She put unleaded in our diesel car. Was it her fault though? No it was mine! Because as she stated – I asked her to get petrol in the car NOT ‘DIESEL IN THE CAR’.

I slept into the afternoon last Saturday and she didn’t talk to me all day! I told her she should have woke me up if she wanted to do something. She said ‘YOUR A GROWN MAN, YOU SHOULD BE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN ACTIONS!‘ I thought I was being responsible – I was really tired so slept in!

In conclusion – Arguing with your wife is like trying to download a new app on your phone. You won’t get anywhere until you go through all the jargon and finally get to ‘I AGREE’ !!!Β 

There is of course one exception to this rule… When your wife asks you if she’s put on weight. Then you NEVER, EVER, even have the slightest thought about agreeing with her! Get this wrong and you’ll be the one on a diet!


Photo by Nik Shuliahin on Unsplash


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