Marking your body

I’ve recently updated my blog logo and have received lots of compliments about the design. I thought I’d take this opportunity to explain it to you all…

The logo itself is my tattoo. I’ve always wanted a tattoo but growing up, I knew there was no way my parents would ever allow it. I remember I would sit doodling tattoo designs and the good ones made it to my arm (in pen)… Until my mum saw and I would get told to wash it off.

But after I got married, I didn’t need mum’s permission anymore – I was free to do as I pleased. And of course my husbands always supported my choices (as long as they aren’t too extreme!) But I waited…

Getting a tattoo isn’t a simple decision to make. Your marking your body with a design which you will then need to be happy with and appreciate for the rest of your life. I know nowadays you can have a tattoo removed by laser or you can add to the design to make it different but that’s another painful process, so it’s better to be sure.

I wasn’t sure… For years I played around with designs, researched other peoples designs and watched all these tattoo shows on Sky TV.

Finally, for my 30th birthday, I designed and got my very own tattoo…


And it hurt!!! Much more than I was expecting it to! But I loved it! So I guess the pain was worth it. It runs down the inside of my lower arm, isn’t too big but is definitely noticeable. Even my mum likes it!

What does it stand for, you may be wondering?

The four hearts on it are my family. N – hubby’s initial, P, V & M – kids initials. And they are all linked together with the S – my initial. So Basically, I am the link that holds my family together.

Only I cant have any more kids because that’ll mess up my design

The funny thing is, now I’ve had one, I want another… Maybe for my 40th birthday? Just need to come up with another design.

Whilst doing some research on tattoos, I found some very interesting facts. Check out my top 10:

1. The Latin word for tattoo is ‘Stigma’. And the meaning of stigma in case your not sure is – ‘a mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance, quality or person’. – So what does that say about tattoos?” 

2. Urine was sometimes used to mix tattoo colour! Ewww! Let’s move on!”

3. Tattoo is one of the most misspelled words in the English language, often spelt ‘tatoo’. Thank god for spell checker! Yes ok, I’m not the best speller!”

4. Getting a tattoo involves the skins being pierced between 50 and 3000 times per minute! I’m just glad it’s so quick otherwise another name for that would be torture!”

5. The most painful places to have a tattoo are over a bone, such as your ankle, collar bone, chest, ribs and spine. “Might have to reconsider my next tattoo then, wanted 1 on my ankle!”

6. A quote from Johnny Depp – ‘My body is my journal and tattoos my story’. “And you are a great man.”

7. The most popular tattoo images are angels and hearts. “Figures! I’ve got 4 hearts on 1 tattoo.”

8. A tattoo is etched in the dermis which is the second layer of the skin. The cells of the dermis are more stable than those of the epidermis (the outer layer). “That’s the science bit out of the way.”

9. The area of a tattoo where the colour has faded is known as ‘holiday’. “A never ending holiday because it wont return!”

10. The word “tattoo” comes from a Polynesian word “ta” (“to strike”), it describes the sound of a tattooing spike being knocked on skin! “I’ll give that method a pass!”

Have any of these facts changed your opinion on tattoos?

Woman with edgy tattoos and short bob looking over her shoulder                    Photo by Gabriel Nunes on Unsplash

Another interesting bit of research I came across states, there are more woman getting tattoos than men. Women are also removing more tattoos than men!!! Everybody knows – A woman has the right to change her mind!

So your turn… Have you got a tattoo? And is there a story behind it? Are you thinking about getting one but cant decide?

Let me know by leaving a comment below.

Waiting to hear from you…

Suki… X


37 thoughts on “Marking your body

  1. Chris.Lemos says:

    Just to add.. some tattoo marks can burn up in an MRI scanner due to the pigments getting affected in the magnetic field.
    I have never had a tattoo, but have always believed that carving on your skin is something to be deeply thought about and it should be a representation of you! Love your design and the idea behind it. Xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Working Mum, to be or not to be says:

    Hmm, you did change my mind a tiny bit… I myself am very afraid of the pain. I don’t even wear ear rings. Also I believe I will be like your mum who is against the idea of tattoo on my daughter. However, the tiny bit of my change is, if my daughter decided to have a tattoo when she grew up, I wish she could be as responsible as you are and did her research before taking the action. BTW, your tattoo looks beautiful. I love the meaning behind it even more! Thanks for the knowledge of tattoo : )

    Liked by 1 person

  3. AmyRose🌹 says:

    Very cool design!!! I LOVE it and the meaning behind it. And yes I have more then one tat. One on right shoulder, one over heart, one around my entire upper left arm (OUCH!!!!), and one around my right ankle (OUCH!) extending on the outside portion of my calf. All of mine have meaning …. I’m done. Happy Weekend!!! 🌹

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Nasib says:

    Even for my own tattoo, I took a lot of time thinking before I made it.
    I’m really proud that I have it, and I really love it.
    It’s a simple of #art and beauty .
    Welling to have more tattoo when I gain enough cash. It’s painful at same time it released me from a lot of stress and overthinking about my past life experience and what I have been through. Whatever I have been through from the past, if it’s good to me it’s a blessing, if it’s rather than that, it’s life experience.

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  5. deviousfrog says:

    Tattoos are addicting for sure. As soon as I turned 18 (too long ago to remember!) I went and got a big flaming guitar on my back. Also have my birth sign and my wifes name. Hopefully she doesnt leave me!

    I like the design you came up with. Well done.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. shoniessky says:

    Beautiful , and the fact that you designed it yourself❤ I have about 14tatts I love them. But I agree with all you said. You are right ,you made valid points. I think I’ve never fully regretted a tatt but I did cross one out and wrote (I’m too loyal you) over it. But I love it because it showed my heart and pain. The one on my neck and hand hurt the most but I’m not done yet lol I do however think you did yours at the right time, well thought out and simply unique and beautiful!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. rwannabe says:

    Lovely and soulful design ❤ . I am in the deciding phase… Keep backing out in the last moment… Still Hover around the designs.. maybe I might do it when I reallllly want one.. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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