In the Mirror

I’m standing in front of the mirror

Staring at this face looking back at me

I don’t recognise this person who’s there

I’m not sure who it is she wants me to be.


Is it a mother, this beautiful face?

Doing the best she can for her children’s sake

Ignoring the judgement thrown her way

A loving environment for them she’ll make.


Is it a lover, this faithful face?

Standing by her man doing whatever it takes

To love and support him everyday

Ensuring their relationship never breaks.


Is it a daughter, this innocent face?

Living up to the morals that she was raised

Building a life full of love and eternal grace

Wanting her parents to be forever amazed.


I’m standing in front of this mirror

Staring at this incredible woman I see

This woman who is all these wonderful things

This woman who is everything a woman can be.



© 2018 Poem by Baffledmum (Suki Matharu)




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