Little White Lies

It’s so difficult to read people nowadays. Everybody is quick to let slip a little white lie. What harm can it do? Right? But it can, that little white lie can manifest into a big dark lie! The little lie needs to be continued and repeated… One day you might forget that the lie was actually a lie to begin with…

A father has had enough of the lies coming from his teenage son. It’s hard to keep watch over your kids all the time. So what do you do when you can’t read your child? When they are so good at telling a fib without giving it away with body language..? You buy a lie detector! 

So that’s what the dad in this story did. He brought a lie detector which he set up in the living room. It made a ‘BEEP’ sound whenever somebody told a lie.

One afternoon the son returns home…

Dad:  So how was college today?

Son:  Yeah good!


Dad:  Were you even at college today?

Son:  YEAH!


Son:  Ok… I went shopping with my mates.


Son:  I mean I went to the cinema.


Son:  Ok… Don’t get angry but I went for a drink in the pub with my mates.

Dad:  WHAT? … I never touched alcohol at you age!


Mum:  ( Laughing ) Well, he is your son!



Photo by dylan nolte on Unsplash




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