Top Marks!

It’s the end of another term at school and once again it’s that time to assess all the children to make sure they are on track. As a parent, this is not really a big deal but I still ensure the kids go through their books so they’re as prepared as they can be.

Some kids are extremely bright and fly through these assessments. Some kids really struggle and barely get through. And then there’s the kids who assume they’ve done brilliantly but… well you’ll understand what I’m talking about in a minute.

Good day at school? Did you have a test today?

I ask my son as I collect him from school at the end of the day

Yeah it was ok. Had my maths test.

He looks really impressed with himself.

And how did it go?

I ask…

It was EASY! I did really good!

He’s got a proud look on his face.

Well that’s brilliant darling, I can’t wait to get your marks back.

Even I’m impressed now, he’s always struggled at school.


So we’re walking towards the car and he’s telling me about his day. He had assembly in the morning and he was awarded VIP of the week because he did great work in English. He’s achieved his targets and his teacher is going to set him new ones. At break he played Minecraft with his friends, nobody could get him (whatever that means?) Then they had the maths test and when they finished, were allowed to read till lunch.


But I had to stay in at lunch time.

He tells me.

Oh, Ok… Why?

I ask.

To do my maths test.

He replies.

So, you didn’t finish it and had to stay in at lunch to do it?

I’m confused.

No… I had to re-do it all.

He shrugs his shoulders.

But you said it was really easy and you did good?

I question him.

I did do good.

He truly does look surprised by the situation.

So you re-did the test and thought more carefully about the questions and answers… RIGHT?

I hope… Fingers crossed while I ask him the question.

No! … Miss just said read the questions and think about your answer before you write it down. But when I thought about it, I still came up with the same answer as before… So I must have got it right again.

He explains to me.

But don’t you think Miss made you re-do it because you got it wrong in the first place?

He’s got to know this … right?


Suddenly something in his brain clicks…

OOHHHH! That makes sense. OOOPPPPS!


Oh dear… I’m not looking forward to the next parents evening…

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