Diet effects on Hubby.

I put my husband on a diet recently and the benefits are already starting to show.

His skin is looking better, it’s taken at least 5 years off him.

He has more energy, he’s getting things done around the house without me constantly nagging at him. He even goes in the garden to kick around a football with the kids.

He doesn’t sleep as much, before it would come mid-day and I was purposely doing the vacuuming to make noise so he’d wake up.

He’s taking more pride in his appearance. He’s keeps his hair nice and trim, has even started dying the whites! And he’s taken up weight training. It’s definitely paying off! The love handles feel more lovely to hold, the belly no longer hangs over his trousers and the weight training has formed some lovely muscles on those biceps and triceps!

It’s made a huge impact on his life for the better.

This morning we went shopping and brought him some new clothes, the old ones were hanging off him. He actually enjoyed trying on new designs and he looked good! I noticed the glances he was getting from other woman, I’m sure he did too as his posture changed and he seemed all together more confident. I didn’t mind, he’s mine after all!

Then we went for dinner, a treat as he’s done as well. I order a rack of ribs and salad and he ordered chicken and salad. I was really impressed that even whilst eating out he was sticking to healthy options.

Afterwards he couldn’t wait to home. We cuddled on the sofa and watched a movie, holding hands and a having a few sneaky kisses when the kids weren’t looking.

That’s when I realised something else…

Me:  Oh baby, since you’ve started this diet, your kisses have changed. 

Husband:  Really?

He seems confused but is still trying to kiss me.

Me:  Yes! They’ve become more passionate and deep. I like it!

Husband:  Passionate! Definitely! I’m passionately trying to find food remains in your mouth !!! 



Just in case your wondering, this was just a joke. My hubby’s not on a diet. Well he is… On a diet of rich food and laughter!


31 thoughts on “Diet effects on Hubby.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Me and my hubby couldn’t stop laughing, this is so well written it’s amazing! I think I might put him on a diet, could do with some passionate kisses whatever the reason. 🤣😂😘

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