Flutter in my stomach

A gentle flutter deep inside of me

Reminds me you are growing in there

A life I have so preciously created

An inevitable change I’m beginning to fear.

I place a hand upon my stomach

Hoping I can keep you out of harms way

Worrying about things life will throw at you

Please keep my baby safe,I pray

I close my eyes and begin to imagine

You curled up tight whilst you grow

I envision the person you will become

I’ll do my best by you, that much I know.

I feel your feet as you stretch out

Showing me how strong you already are

My tears well up as I begin to worry

My heart aches, you’re already leaving a scar.

I caress my stomach as if to soothe you

I’ll always love you, that I have already vowed.

Even when I feel as if I’m loosing

Promise I’ll do everything to make you proud.

A gentle flutter deep inside of me

Leaves me longing for you to appear

We’ll fight our way through this life together

I AM prepared for all the battles we’ll share.


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