When teaching goes too far

With everything going on in the world we have become over-protective parents. We want to know our child’s every move, we want the phones numbers of their friends, we want them to be able to talk to us about anything. Stranger danger is taught at schools and we have to keep this threat active in their minds so they never forget.

Some children take in our teachings and abide by them above all else.

Some children completely ignore us because, in their minds, parents don’t know anything.

Some children just like messing other people around and use what they’ve been taught to get them out of trouble…

A boy at a bus stop is annoying an old lady. A policeman walking past stops to ask him some questions…

Policeman: What’s your name son?

Boy: You’ve just called me what my dad calls me.

Policeman:Β Where do you live?

Boy: With my parents.

Policeman: Where do your parents live?

Boy: With me.

Policeman: Where do you all live?

Boy: Together.

Policeman: Where is your house?

Boy: Next to my neighbour’s house.

Policeman: Where is your neighbour’s house.

Boy: You won’t believe me if I tell you.

Policeman: Tell me.

Boys: Next to my house!

Policeman is really fed up by this point.

Boy: So can I go now?

Policeman: Where are you going?

Boy: Home.

Policeman: And where is home?

Boy: We’ve just had this conversation, do we have to do it again?

Little old lady has had enough and slaps the back of the boy’s head with her bag.

Boy: Owww! Assault! Arrest her!

Policeman: Ma’am, you’re under arrest. What’s your name?

Lady: Ms Smith.

Policeman: Where do you live?

Lady: (looks around thinking of an answer) … With him!!!


18 thoughts on “When teaching goes too far

  1. Jay-lyn Doerksen says:

    When I taught T about stranger danger he came into work one day to meet me at the end of my shift. I had to run and get something from the back and told him to stand next to the door. One of my co-workers came out and said hi addressing him by name. He turned his head away and muttered: My mom says not to talk to strangers. LOL he took me so literally.

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