Social Media is taking over!

Social media is taking over our lives! Actually let me correct that – Social media HAS taken over our lives!

We have more friends on social media than we do in real life.

We post more on social media than we communicate using our mouths!

We use social media as a diary to ‘check in’ to places we visit, with the time, date and names (and links) of people we are with.

We might be out with family and friends but instead of enjoying it, we’ll be updating our ‘status’ on social media.


We even take pictures of our food and upload it to social media to share with our thousands of friends.

Now come on, seriously! Back in the day, did we take photos of our breakfast, lunch or dinner? NO! Did we then, get our photos developed and take the pic’s to all our friend’s houses to share it with them? NO! So why now do we think our online ‘friends‘ want to know what we are eating?

If you’re inviting me over for dinner then I might be interested in what’s on the menu, but otherwise there’s really no need!

And this ‘checking in’ business, what’s that all about? You might as well advertise ‘Hey all you thief’s out there, I’m currently watching a movie at the cinema which is about 2 hours long. So in the mean time your free to go rob my house!’ Because if you’re a really observant ‘friend‘, by now you’ll know where I live or will be able to work it out by the millions of selfies I take and post.


Even worse is when you openly advertise that your ‘checking in’ at the airport, so now your so-called ‘friends‘ know your house is empty for about a week! That’s plenty of time for people to move in for few days, throw a house party, eat everything in the fridge and then strip the house bare.

And don’t even get me started on all the waves and hugs that are so freely handed out! Especially when you don’t know this person. If you met me in the street and didn’t know me, would you wave? No! And you definitely wouldn’t wink at me or come over and give me a hug. You might get another hand (or fist) gesture in return! So don’t do it on social media either!

Let’s concentrate more on our real life instead of our virtual one.

Let’s be who we really are in life instead of creating a fake life on social media.



Here’s a little joke that really proves my point about Social Media taking over….

John: Hey Mark, are you on social media?

Mark: Yeah, I’m on Facebook. You’ll have to add me.

John: Facebook, is that it! I’m on Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Google+, You tube, Linkedln, Pinterest, Flickr, StumbleUpon and Vine.

Mark: Wow that’s a lot! Sounds like you don’t have a life!

John:  ‘A life’… is that a new one? … I’ll download it right now !!!


Time to write a note to self which I will try my up-most best to stick to…

  • No more posting pictures of my breakfast/lunch/dinner! (maybe I can write the recipe’s instead?)
  • No more posts about the weather or how hot/cold it is! (Even if I am just trying to give my friends a heads up before they venture out!)
  • No more checking in! (Bare with me friends when I go quiet, I will be back!)
  • No more hugs and waves! (Seriously I’m only being friendly, didn’t mean to offend)
  • No more selfies! … (Maybe I’ll start with less selfies!)

Social media will not take over my life… I hope!

(In fact, I’m not sure how I’m going to fill my day, I’m going to have so much more time on my hands!)

I hope I’ve managed to make you laugh, yes this was a humour post but with a serious meaning – Social media is fun but please remember to BE SAFE!

Keep doing what you do if it makes you happy!

Lots of love, waves, pokes, winks, high-fives and hugs!!!

Suki… X (and kisses)

65 thoughts on “Social Media is taking over!

  1. AmyRose🌹 says:

    I could not agree with you more! I only do WordPress and even then that is sometimes too much! In going to the gym this past week, the college kids who are off from school have been there and I was just stunned to see that they didn’t miss a beat with their phones even while working out. Very scary to think that this new up-and-coming generation will be our next leaders. Yet that being said, I have seen young people without phones in their hands getting back to Nature and actually working out concentrating fully on their workout. So there is hope! 🌹

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Prachee says:

    I’m on instagram. But no check ins, no food pics….. Just selfies sometimes and conversation with people. But I hate even this….like seriously they’re not gonna provide me food after I’m done with studies so why I’m caring about them…….. I need to stop, I’m trying😔 and I love your post. It inspires me😀

    Liked by 2 people

  3. sam basu says:

    Agreed, I see people are checking in while picking up food order, upload their workout images from gym, it feels so odd, I don’t understand why this desperate need to disclose every detail of their life to others.

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  4. Smitha V says:

    Very well written. I shouldnt be on the phone now but I am reading people’s blogs. I dont do it when I am with people. Like you said we have become social media butterflies now worse than the social butterflies I guess. I give you a⚘ for this post since hugs and winks are out😊

    Liked by 2 people

  5. maskeddisguise says:

    I found social media to be very intrusive. Everyone is posting everything about their lives, when they are getting up, where they are going and so on. My question is why ! No wonder emotional bonds are becoming weaker as we continue to focus on online popularity !

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  6. deviousfrog says:

    I just recently read a post on another blog about flat mates in college who dont talk to each other. They text each other through facebook even though they are sitting at the same table. Crazy!
    This social media thing is ruining so much of our day to day communication.

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  7. Rhed says:

    Haha. You nailed it Baffledmum! I feel guilty because I really love taking photos and uploading them to my social media accounts Haha 😀 This post really makes sense. Great job!

    By the way, I nominated you to the “Three days, three quotes challenge.” I’m not quite sure how it really works but I just followed the rules provided in the post of the one who nominated me. Hehe. Have a blissful day!
    Please refer to this link:

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  8. deimile says:

    I’ve been thinking about this recently and couldn’t agree more. But now that I have my blog I feel so conflicted. Social media presence is important when you have a blog but I don’t want it to take over my life. Ugh, gotta find a happy medium I guess… Great post!

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  9. Mag Reilly says:

    Love the way you wrote this! This is a great reflection to how I felt in my post with the actual realities of social media taking over our lives. You make good points about what you’re going to try to do less of. Since my detox, I came back to blog writing and since I like knowledge sharing, I will tweet your post! 🙂 I consider sharing content from other not as bad as “selfies, check ins, brekkie pics” etc. Because my hope is someone will read it and it will give me new ideas to live life a bit more fully..that is the hope.

    Liked by 1 person


    I love this so much, and I’m barely ever on social media! It’s really changed socialization and I have serious doubts as to how helpful and beneficial it actually is. I do hope you write whatever your heart desires! Always remember this is your platform for whatever you want and you will always have your own unique perspective. Looking forward to more from you!

    Peace ✌and Love ❤

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  11. Laura Denise says:

    I just deleted all of my social media accounts, including my Twitter with 13.6K followers. (Well, technically, I still have FB up for my relatives and childhood friends and even graduates to keep in touch, but I don’t use it.)

    I don’t get anything from it. People do follow-for-follow for the numbers alone, but you actually almost never connect afterwards ever again; it’s not even scientifically possible with large numbers. Having thousands of “followers” has been the loneliest feeling ever for me. Getting 20 likes means I didn’t reach 13,5980 of my “followers.”

    If I ever went back, I’d do it to keep a genuine and very small circle, but that wouldn’t even work unless you did that with others who were also only keeping a genuine and very small circle.

    I am enjoying my WP community soooo much more than all of my other social media accounts combined. AND I HAVE SO MUCH MORE FREE TIME to create and be present with people. Imagine a phone with none of those apps on it! Absolutely freeing, as it is with all conquered addictions.

    (Of course, I am well aware I have 30 days before my accounts are actually permanently deleted, so we’ll see. I’m pretty confident though: just at that point in my life where I’m doing hard changes for the better.)

    If you’re pro social media, I’d love to know what you TRULY get out of it and if it’s worth the amount of hours you scroll…

    Great post topic/conversation!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Baffledmum says:

      I have a Twitter account that I don’t use, I set it up because I thought it would bring viewers to my blog but hasn’t really, same with Instagram! I have a personal Facebook account for friends & family, that I do use but only to keep in touch. Apart from that’s it’s only WordPress that I actually check & connect with people on. & I love WordPress because it’s genuine…
      Thanks for reading and leaving your perspective on the matter… X

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  12. Miss A says:

    Gosh I want a social media detox.. I started hating Facebook . But being an expat it’s been a good tool to keep contact with everyone back home without sending a million messages at the same time..

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