Mum knows best

A small child has observed his mum throughout the week and is marvelled by the way she seems to handle every situation with ease.

The little boy ripped his trousers at school when he fell over. Mummy cleaned up his knee properly, changed his plaster and stitched up his trousers.

He had a terrible belly ache one night and mummy gave him a nice hot drink and rubbed his belly till he fell asleep.

One day he forgot to take his packed lunch to school. Mummy didn’t get cross. She managed to get it to school in time for first break so he wouldn’t miss out on his snack!

Mummy even came up with fantastic ideas to make his homework more exciting!

In fact, mummy was so clever she even found all the things daddy couldn’t! She even told daddy it was right in front of his eyes… daddy still couldn’t see it.

The little boys was so amazed he had to ask mummy how she did it…

Boy: Mummy, how do you always know how to solves all my problems?

Mum: Well before we become mums, God makes us all take an exam.

Boy: What sort of exam?

Mum: It consists of various situations we might encounter as children grow up. We have to pass this exam if we want to become mummy.

Boy: I understand mummy.

Mum: So you understand how mummy knows best.

Boy: Yes. And I understand what happens if you fail.

Mum: Then we’re not ready to become mummy.

Boy: Yeah… So you become daddy instead !!!

23 thoughts on “Mum knows best

  1. Nick Holland says:

    So I was reading this thinking it was a serious post and saying to myself, these are all things I thought about before being a parent. Then I read the punchline and had a laugh, and also agreed with it

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Lol. My mum is always having to find stuff for my dad and normally she finds it in the place dad has been looking. I’ll have to tell her this joke. πŸ˜‚

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  3. Jay-lyn Doerksen says:

    That one is funny. Recently I told T I had eyes on the back of my head. He wanted to know why I only saw what he did and not what his friends were doing. I explained my eyes only came out for him. He tried to find the eyes on the back of my head and than I said they only appeared when he was doing something he shouldn’t. LOL

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