Adult Nap Time

Bit of a strange one today so get ready…

Why is it so hard to drift off to sleep at night?


I am somebody who loves my sleep.

If I don’t have enough of it, I will be grumpy for the day!

You would think, having 3 children, I would be over sleeping by now. I should be used to the lack of sleep as I’m constantly waking during the night to check in on the kids. But I’m really not!

Even stranger is the fact that no matter how tired I am, it’s always difficult to settle off to the land of nod – at night-time. The kids will be in bed, the house will be clean, I’ll be all set for the next day. I may have been tired and groggy all day and really struggled not to bite anyone’s head off, if they made the slightest wrong move. But as soon as the house is quiet and I know I am free to retreat to bed, I’m suddenly wide awake and full of energy!

I really don’t understand what’s wrong with me!



I always have good intentions to have an early night but it doesn’t work. Either there’s something addictive on the TV, something I start watching hoping it’ll help me to sleep – then 2 hours later I can’t turn it off because it’s soooo good! Or I start reading a book which is supposed to help me relax but again I can’t put it down without turning the next page and the next and the next!

The funniest is – I love painting at night. And I don’t mean painting a canvas or in a book but decorating! Painting the house! And if it’s not painting then I’m rearranging the furniture or having a clear out! Things that would be so much easier to do during the day but I seem to have more energy to do at night.

Do you have any strange nightly habits?



Is this normal? Are you in the same boat???

Next question…

Why is so easy to nap during the day?

It may be hard to sleep at night but if I sit on the sofa too long during the day, sleep will take over! Isn’t it strange? And it’s not the sofa’s fault because it doesn’t have the same effect at night-time, I’ve tried it out!

An afternoon nap (or evening nap) comes on so easily and leaves you feeling refreshed. I probably sleep better during an afternoon nap than I do the whole night, and for much less time.

Does anybody have any explanations?

Maybe its the silence I don’t like during the night? There’s plenty of noise during the day so maybe it helps to relax me and make me feel at ease? Maybe…

Maybe it’s knowing I only have an hour maximum to sleep? Maybe this is the trick? At night-time I have an easy 6 hours if I’m lucky so maybe…

Maybe it’s that ongoing list in my head at night that doesn’t let me sleep? I might be ready and prepared for the next day but tomorrow I still have to do this and that for the following day. So maybe this is why?


Photo by Rex Pickar on Unsplash


All I know for sure is that it’s definitely easier to sleep during the day than at night.

Maybe I have a nocturnal soul…

Does anyone reading this agree with me? Do you find it easier to nap than sleep?ย 

Or am I just a strange case?

Drop me a comment and let me know.

Staying awake to receive your reactions…

Suki… X

52 thoughts on “Adult Nap Time

  1. cannardblogs says:

    When i’m trying to get to sleep i can never get to sleep at like 10pm ,usually i sleep at like 3-4am and wake up at 6 and even after all the years of this happening i’m still not used to it.
    when in bed i end up watching videos on my laptop until i’m tired and sometimes i watch asmr videos to get more relaxed, it actually works.
    honestly i feel like i sleep through the day most of the time and am just awake all night. โค

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  2. MissteriosoDas says:

    I can sleep whenever I want to. At least that’s what my family and friends tell me. Also to add that I can sleep while standing as well(as if that is possible) I assure they exaggerate too much. I have always been used to afternoon naps after lunch. But now that I am working I miss it so much. And the reason why I feel sooo sleepy.
    My sis says she can’t sleep at night if she has slept in the afternoon. Maybe you can try skipping the naptime once๐Ÿค”

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  3. Nick Holland says:

    I find that when I actually hope into bed I have no problem sleeping. My problem is always getting there. Our child is still in the toddler stage and almost at the ‘terrible twos’ so I find myself needing to make the most of the time he is asleep – which rules out day naps. Then it becomes a matter of balancing deciding what time to go to bed, with what else do I need to get done today.

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  4. UrsulaB says:

    If my feet are off the ground it’s game over. I’m sure it’s some vitamin I’m lacking… Or it could be the exhaustion of rearranging the furniture again (my poor dog, always confused). Glad I’m not the only one lol. Super post!! Try lavender oil!

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  5. Potpourri of life says:

    Me too love the afternoon nap and it’s more important than the night sleep. But yes if there is a thought in my mind before I hit the bed then nothing can make my wandering mind put to sleep. Sound sleep is a bliss that I occasionally enjoy these day. I guess good sleep is a struggle for those whose mind is full of thoughts n poems!๐Ÿ˜

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    • Baffledmum says:

      I have a ‘to do’ list pad on my fridge which I add onto & cross off during the day. The trouble with me is I remember stuff when I’m in bed dozing off, then I grab my phone to jot it down in my notes – them I’m wide awake again! I think I just need to chill! As my boys keep telling me. Whats the worst that can happen? … Thank for the advise…. X

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  6. shoniessky says:

    I too relate.. oh how I wish I could fall asleep, stay asleep and enjoy the comfort. I’ve had sleeping problems since I was a little girl, so as much as I’d like to blame my mini me’s lol I can’t. I would love an afternoon nap.. nice post!

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  7. Chris.Lemos says:

    So here I am past my bedtime.. reading blogs, even though I am tired and had chamomile tea… I am yet tossing and turning in the bed with a million thoughts running through my mind. Haha and tomorrow I will be definitely sleepy at work. Sometimes I play an episode of Friends and it helps me fall sleep!

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  8. AmyRose๐ŸŒน says:

    I was in your shoes in a phase of my life … napping during the day and not falling asleep at night. It was SO frustrating! I stopped napping during the day (easier said then done …. habits are hard to break) but that and with a good book, I now fall asleep at night. My favorite time of day is when I actually feel myself winding down, (NICE!) and my eyes get heavy. Yet …. some people do have a nocturnal soul so you may be one of them. YOU have to figure that out. Good luck!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  9. philipbrockman says:

    7 weeks ago when I joined wordpress, I submitted a post regarding my new sleep habits.
    That, for 7 years in San Diego I bed at 12 midnight, and was up at 7 am.
    And it stayed the same for a half dozen months here in UT as well. However as I kept feeling the Earth shifting on its axis, it soon became 1 am and up at 9.
    Then 2 am, and up at 10. I even went to 3 on occasion, rising at 11.
    As a cancer, I’m already nocturnal, and controlled by the moon. And my initials are pmb, which means nighttime brockman.
    But studies have been performed where findings say ‘the entrepreneurial types’ are the most energetic right at bedtime. They suggest extra sexual activities…so talk to that hubby of yours, and don’t forget your ‘morning after’ pill, unless he’s been fixed already.

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  10. deimile says:

    I feel you! It is so hard to settle down at night and during the day I feel so tired but don’t want to go to sleep as I have so much to do!
    Trying to be better about napping during the day at least once over the weekend to catch up on my sleep…

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  11. Humble Dave says:

    My wife is an avid napper, to the point that she gets minimal sleep at night. I usually ignore those twinges during the day when I want a nap and try to do something productive instead. That way I’m more ready for sleep at night. Then again, the electric company usually gives you a discount if you do laundry at 1 AM, so maybe your way is less expensive!

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    • Baffledmum says:

      ๐Ÿ˜‚ lol! It’s actually funny because now the weather is getting better I’ve found I’m full of energy & no longer waiting for a nap… Downside is now I want to go shopping all the time!!! X

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