Cinema trips

I love going to the cinema. Whether it’s on a date with hubby, a girls night out or a family trip. The kids also love the cinema, all but the youngest. He doesn’t like going anywhere! He is the child who wants to spend the weekends at home, in doors, playing his toys and watching Netflix.

I suppose I should be grateful he doesn’t want to spend his day playing on a games console! That’s the other 2 kids!

In fact he has great imagination, he will watch a programme then react it out through play. He watched the popular Netflix series ‘Stranger Things’ then got geared up with his toy gun and baseball bat to fight of the ‘Demogorgon’ (the monster in the programme). He got so involved in being the main character that he asked me how far he would have to dig to get to the ‘The upside down’ (where the evil lives)! I had to remind him that it was a TV show and all that was fictional!

This reminded me of a time we did a family trip to the cinema to a film he really couldn’t wait to see…

The film was ‘Fast and Furious 8’, he had seen the prequels at home so was dying to watch this. He loves the cars in the films, the exciting racing and over the top action scenes. Plus the fact that he’s a huge fan of the Rock from watching wrestling!Β  However he still got anxious as we approached the cinema, so we did our best to settle him. We purchased the tickets, my handbag was full of goodies (have you seen the price of popcorn?!), we visited the bathroom then walked into the screening.Β 

Instantly the darkness confused him..

Why is it so dark in here?


Considering he has been to the cinema before I was surprised he couldn’t remember that it’s dark inside.

Oh that’s just so you can see the film more clearly.

We found our seats and settled down. The trailers were playing and he seemed to be loosening up.Β 

Then the trailers ended and the film was about to begin. The little side lights dimmed and went out.

He jumped out of his seat and started pulling his coat on.

Is that it, that was boring! That wasn’t like the other fast and furious!

I managed to settled him again…

No, no, that was trailers. It’s just starting, sit down.

He sat. Then all of a sudden he began frantically looking back and feeling around his seat. I didn’t know what he was looking for…

What is it darling? Just watch the film.


But he seemed really worried and continued searching…

No wait, stop the film. it can’t start yet.

I didn’t understand why he was getting worried so I tried to settle him…

It’s ok, you’re going to enjoy it.


But he was not having it…

No mummy, it can’t start…I’m not ready… I cant find my seatbelt !!!


I told you he had great imagination!!!

I know I shouldn’t have but I laughed uncontrollably and so loudly. The shocked looked on my son’s face soon calmed me down, along with some dirty looks from other visitors! Then I just pulled him close and we watched the movie…which he really enjoyed, without wearing a seatbelt…!

Have you ever found it difficult to part reality from fiction?

Or more likely – Have you ever really wanted something you watched or read to become a reality???

Let me know by dropping me a comment…

Suki… X

25 thoughts on “Cinema trips

  1. shoniessky says:

    That wAs cute I have a 5year old little girl who told me there was too much turbulence when we were on the bus ride home. Then she said hold on mom, the plane is almost over it and it will be safe again soon. Lol

    Liked by 1 person

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