You can’t love her, son

Kyle lives with both his parents and a pet cat. As far as he knows, his parents are in a very loving relationship. He sees their love for each other and this makes Kyle want to find ‘the one’. So he begins his hunt. The girls at school in his class are way too bossy but there is one girls he thinks is nice… He can’t wait to tell his dad…

Kyle: Dad, dad, I like this girl and think I’m going to ask her out.

Dad: That’s great Kyle, who is she?

Kyle: It’s Sarah from next door

Dad: Oh dear son, I wish you hadn’t said that… I need to tell you something but you must promise not to tell your mother?

Kyle: Ok.

Dad: Well, Sarah is actually your half-sister.

Kyle: What, you cheated on mum?

Dad: It was a very long time ago and you know I love your mum to the moon and back.

Kyle: Yeah, I know… Ok

Kyle is left deflated but soon starts his hunt again… A week later…

Kyle: Dad, dad, I found another girl and I think I should ask her out.

Dad: That’s great son! Who is it!

Kyle: It’s Louise, the other neighbour’s daughter.

Dad: Oops! Now you remember how I told you Sarah was your half-sister?

Kyle: Yeah.

Dad: So is Louise…

Kyle: Dad, how could you?

Dad: We all make mistakes son and it was a long time ago. You know I love your mother more than anything in the world.

Once again Kyle is shocked by this latest discovery. But he still wants to find love so starts looking again…

Kyle: Dad, dad, I think I’ve found her! The girl who is going to be the one.

Dad: That’s awesome Kyle. Who is she?

Kyle: It’s Lizzy, the neighbour’s, neighbour’s daughter.

Dad: Oh dear son… You know what I’m about to tell you don’t you?

Kyle: Is she my sister as well?

Dad: Yes son, I’m afraid she is. You can’t date her either. But remember, I love your mum more than I’ve ever loved anybody else.

Kyle has had enough. He can’t believe his dad has cheated on his mum so often. And because of his dad, his heart has already been broken 3 times! Kyle thinks it’s time to tell his mum the truth…

Kyle: (sniffling) Mum, there’s something I need to tell you…

Mum: What’s the matter Kyle, why are you so sad?

Kyle: I’ve been trying to fall in love like you and dad but every time I find a girl, dad tells me I can’t date her because she’s my sister! I’m sorry mum, I had to tell you. I’m so angry at dad!

Mum goes and affectionately hugs her son…

Mum: It’s ok Kyle. There are many different types of love and I know your dad loves me. And… I know about your sisters.

Kyle: And you don’t mind?

Mum: No, it’s all in the past… In fact, you can date whoever you want. You don’t have to listen to him, he’s not your biological father!!!

Kyle is left stunned!

He decides to end his hunt for love, it seems such a complicate emotion !!!


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