One Step Forward

I take one step forward

Then two steps back

I try to be strong

But get stopped in my track.

I wake feeling prepared

Knowing I need to be brave

I almost achieve my target

Then suddenly I cave.

My palms get sweaty

My heart begins to race

My thoughts begin to scramble

Fear is plastered on my face.

I can’t control these feelings

No matter how hard I try

Anxiety takes over my body

I want to run away and cry.

But too long have I suffered

Too long have I succumb

Too much have I given up

Its time to leave behind my slum.

No more will I suffer

I don’t want to hide in shame

I just want to live a free life

Instead of trying to disguise my pain.

I will conquer my fear

I will speak up and shout

I will stand up for myself

And I will finally… ask you out!



Β© 2018 Poem by Baffledmum (Suki Matharu)

30 thoughts on “One Step Forward

  1. shoniessky says:

    Really nice, less than half way through I was like definitely anxiety. Then as I read on seeing the word I was like (I knew it), you explained so very well about the effects and it’s a rough thing to fight, love how in the ending showed strength to push back! Very very beautiful

    Liked by 1 person

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