Tricky Obvious Details.

You would think by the time your child reaches the age of 9, they would know obvious details. Such as when their birthday is, how old they are, where they live, who their family members are, etc…

Well luckily for me, my son does!

However, delve a little further and once again I become BAFFLED MUM! …

My husband and I are discussing our dog, Kofi, as it is coming up to his birthday. He is going to be 2, so we are comparing him to humans of the same age – the dreaded teenage years! Not listening, trying to push boundaries, becoming boisterous, and constant hunger! My youngest son is listening and decides to contribute to the conversation.

Son: How old is Kofi?

Me: He’s nearly two.

Son: That’s not a teenager!

Me: Every dog year is about 7 human years. So if Kofi is 2, then you times that by 7. Which is?

Son: Ummmm…… 14… Ok, that’s makes sense now.


I’m glad it makes sense and also that he knows his times tables! But then he reverts to his normal form of questioning…


Son: Why do dogs have birthdays?

Me: Same reason as you… Why do you have a birthday?

Son: So I can get presents and cake… and have a party!

Me: But what makes that day your birthday?

Son: Because that’s what you and daddy said it is.

Me: There’s a clue in the word, listenย  – ‘BIRTH’ day.

Son: Birth? I don’t get it…?

Me: It’s the day of your birth, the day you were born. That’s why it’s called ‘Birthday’.

Son: Oooohhh! … What? So I was born on 15 January?

Me: Obviously! That’s why it’s your birthday… Did you really not know that or are you messing me around?


Sometimes I really do wonder!


Son: I didn’t know, I’ve never thought about it… So why did you pick that day to be my birthday?

Me: Urrrmmm…. We didn’t pick it… That was just the day you were born…

Son: But why?ย 

Me:ย  … Urrrmm … well …. ….. You’ll learn all about it in school when your older!


How are you supposed to explain that to a 9 year old???



14 thoughts on “Tricky Obvious Details.

  1. MissteriosoDas says:

    That is really a tricky one. You did great by leaving it for the school to answer this. ๐Ÿ˜‚ I do agree though that birthdays are all about gifts and cake (the child in me is speaking) and I wonder if I knew about this when I was his age. Lol

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  2. Chris.Lemos says:

    Tricky! I remember asking my Mom why do people in tv shows sleep without clothes at night and she said because in western countries they do not having ironing facilities hence to avoid get creases. Hahaha… I do not remember if I knew about birthdays! ๐Ÿค”

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  3. Sundaram Chauhan says:

    Hahaa it’s tough, very tough. I tackle with similar issues every single day with my 6 yr old… he remembers his birthday, and is convinced he came into the world on that day, but has no idea what the hell is a year… If he had been born on that day why does the day keep coming back every now and then…!! Another issue…

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