Stuck in a rut!

An Indian man, a Mexican man and an English man are the best of friends. The grew up together, work together and share life’s up’s and down’s with each other. They were all also getting bored with life and feeling unloved…

One day at work, on a building site, the men sit to eat their lunch. The Indian man opens his lunch box to chapattis and pickle…

Indian Man: I swear if I have to eat this food again tomorrow, I’m going to jump to my death from the top of this building!

Then Mexican man opens his lunch box to burritos…

Mexican Man: I’m sick of burritos! If I have to eat this again tomorrow, I swear I’m also going to jump to my death after you! 

Finally the English man open his lunch box to a sandwich…

English Man: I’ll follow you both off this building if I have to eat another sandwich tomorrow!

Tomorrow arrives and the 3 friends sit on the top floor of the building site to have their lunch. Before opening their boxes, they pray together. They pray that their wives have finally listened to their needs and brought something new and exciting to fill their lunch boxes with.

The Indian Man opens his lunch box…

Indian Man: Chapattis and pickle! She doesn’t love me! (he runs and throws himself off the building, 40 floors to his death!)

The friends are left shocked! Then the Mexican man opens his lunchbox…

Mexican Man: Another Burrito! I knew the love had gone! (he throws his burrito over the side of the building then follows it to his death!)

Only the English man is left. He knows for certain his wife loves him! So he opens his lunch box…

English Man: A sandwich. … But I know she loves me, almost as much I loved my mates who have just plunged to their deaths. (he walks to the edge of the building, takes a big bite of his sandwich and steps off, falling to his death!)

The following week is the funeral of the 3 friends. The wives are all heart-broken and can’t understand what led their husbands to take such drastic measures!

Indian Wife: I didn’t think he was serious asking for a different lunch. Had I known, I would have made him rice and chickpeas instead!

Mexican Wife: If only I knew how much he didn’t want a burrito, I would have packed him a taco instead. At least then he would have been beside me today!

English Wife: I never did understand my husband… I loved him so much… But now I know he never really loved me! He would always rather spend time with his mates over me … And … He always made his own sandwich for lunch!



LOL! Funny joke, right?

I thought so!

But then again… to be stuck in a rut must be an awful feeling. To do the same thing over and over, day in – day out, no wonder these poor men took the plunge!

So please listen to your partner, your friends, your loved ones. If they want to do something different, do it! They may be stuck in a rut and need help getting out… And if it’s you whose stuck, ask for help!

And remember ladies – The way to a man’s heart is through his belly! Cook him a good hearty meal and he’ll show you his love, cook him the same meal over and over and – well, you just read the story. He might not quit life but he might quit you instead!

A different lunch could save a life… or a relationship!

So lets spice it up a bit… Or a lot!

As for the English man’s dilemma… Any ideas??? Share your thoughts on why he plunged after his friends.

Have you ever been stuck in a rut? How did you escape..?  Drop me a comment to share your experience…

Suki… X

36 thoughts on “Stuck in a rut!

  1. Todd says:

    Funny – in my home I’m the cook and absolutely, keeping it interesting keeps my family happy and, to be honest, keeps me happy as well. Making the same few dinners every day feels like as much of a rut as eating the same thing every day.

    Our family often goes out to dinner – and I like to try all sorts of things from all over the world. And then, when I find things I like, I look them up on the web or Youtube and make them at home. Often, with the care taken at home, the dish that was good in a restaurant can be great at home.

    As for our English friend – that’s a great question. My half-joking answer is “Peer pressure”. But I think the reality could just as easily be fear. For some people, breaking out of the rut means also leaving comfort behind. It certainly is the case for me. When I get in a rut I almost always find myself there because of comfort. For example, with food it’s sometimes just easier to make homemade burritos. I can do it from memory, we almost always have all of the ingredients, we all like it, and it’s fast but still delicious. But if I make things like that too often, I get bored and discouraged. So while it can require a bit of extra time to try to learn how to make that that really great Thai curry from scratch, and even more effort to grind the paste myself, doing those things always leaves me feel happier and more interested.

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  2. Sundaram Chauhan says:

    😁😁 Nice one. With bated breath I read expecting something dreadful and stereotypical about the Indian… But he did just fine… ✌… my wife probably knows this fact and is an amazing cook. If I was not a fitness freak, I would be obese. She keeps watching videos and cooking shows and just loves making new things for me. She makes it hard for me to comply with all the diet plans. I keep telling her I would love her anyway, and she could rest, but maybe she doesn’t believe me (or she is in contact with you 😁😀😁)

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    • Baffledmum says:

      Lol! Good on your wife! Your lucky to have her in your life… I try my best as well but we still come some days when we want something different… That leads to take aways! But generally our life is pretty spiced up… X

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  3. MissteriosoDas says:

    That just proved how the English man valued his friendship maybe. It is really funny though and you added up a really strong message too. Really important to listen to your partners. You never know what might be going in their minds.

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