Alter Ego take’s control

Today I am going to let my alter ego take over!

Today my ‘mummy head’ is being put out to rest, to recuperate and to recharge.

Today my darling children will have to become the young adults they already believe they are and hubby may, if he wishes, do all the things his lovely wife would normally do for him and the kids.

After today, my family will truly appreciate me and realise they would be lost if my alter ego ever decides to stay as a permanent fixture.

Introducing the new and improved, self wanting, selfish, out for herself, lazy, stress free, egotistic, Suki! And my alter ego’s motto is ‘It’s all about me!’

Good luck family…

I shall not wake in the morning to get the kids up for school, they all have their alarms set so they can get themselves up & ready! I shall not bother making them breakfast, I’ll just sit down, in the garden if it’s sunny, with my big mug of coffee & relax breathing in the fresh morning air.

I shall ignore all the usual morning whining’s that escape the kids mouths. I shall let them moan about being tired after not going to sleep when I asked them to! And I’ll discard the looks on their faces when they check what’s in their sandwich boxes. In fact, I won’t make their sandwiches, they can do it themselves!

I shall not drop the older 2 boys at school, they are more than able to commute as we moved house for them to live in walking distance. I shall however, take the youngest as he’s obviously too young yet, there my alter ego must take a step back…

Upon return, I shall not walk the dog, unless I need a walk myself to inhale some more fresh air. Otherwise, today he can relieve himself in the garden. But I will not clean up after him, hubby can handle that one!

I shall not hoover and mop the floors, wash the dishes, get the shopping in, prepare dinner, make the beds, phone to check if parents are ok. I shall instead sit, sit and relax… Or maybe even crawl back into bed and watch TV whilst nodding off.

I might even go shopping! Not grocery shopping but clothes, shoes, handbag shopping! I’m sure my alter ego deserves a new wardrobe. No two heads can dress the same, especially if they’re completely different people.

So that’s how I’ll spend my day. I’ll shop till I drop but I’ll make sure I drop in a coffee shop (or a posh bar). I’ll eat out, Mrs All About Me can’t, won’t, definitely doesn’t cook! And I’ll stroll home when I’m good and ready…

So what do you think? Sounds like a good day, doesn’t it?

I had it all planned out, now I just had to live it. Here’s how my day went…

I didn’t plan to wake in the morning but my body clock alarm went off and woke me dying for a cup of coffee. Reluctantly I got up, washed and went downstairs. I heard the older boy’s alarm going off and miraculously I heard them get out of bed, for some reason they were full of laughter. Not a usual morning sound!

Soon after, all 3 boys were tumbling down the stairs.Β I sat drinking my coffee as they came into the living room… “Morning mummy!” they chanted simultaneously. Huge smiles were plastered across their faces!

That did it! The love that was beaming from their mere presence shattered my alter ego’s heart! I ripped off the intruders head and kicked it out of the window as far as I could… into the land of no return!

My mummy head was back on! Into the kitchen I went to prepare breakfast, lunches and all the rest I mentioned earlier… The only difference was, this time my mummy head was smiling…

With all life’s stresses, it’s easy to get fed up and decide to turn things around. And sometimes the only way to do that is to say NO! To put ourselves first. So our Alter ego takes control.

I would love to have a carefree life, to do as I want; when I want. But I chose to be a wife and a parent. So that’s where my loyalties lie. Therefore, my alter ego my have glimpses in my life but a loving smile or a tender kiss is all it takes to bring me back…

Do you have an alter ego who is dying to be set free?

Switch heads and let your dual personality leave me a comment explaining how you differ…



29 thoughts on “Alter Ego take’s control

  1. raynotbradbury says:

    I have…some days I set it free and live it to the fullest but mostly 2-3 days only when I’m travelling alone πŸ™‚ I even can come up with a story and diff profession for myself..and live totally diff fairytale- life haha

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  2. overthehillontheyellowbrickroad says:

    All I can say is…have you seen the movie “Bad Moms?” It’s an American film where three moms who try way too hard decide to do the opposite. Itna hysterically funny way, it’s spot on if you’re an overworked mom (as most of us are). I watch this film at least once a week. I laugh so hard I’m almost in tears. Warning: it has some raunchy parts. But the comedy and story can’t be beat (in my humble opinion).

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  3. Sundaram Chauhan says:

    Awesome post Suki… I am rather growing fond of you. Yes alter ego… We all have it. I for once would like twelve hours of reading and writing in silence (boring I know!)… it’s been so long since I last had solitude where my Son wasn’t on my lap while I sat on my table ( even now) but again I love his fragrance… So I can’t do without him as well. Nor can i stop myself answering him in detail… Whatever he asks…!! 🀘😁✌🀘 Enjoyed the post Suki…keep writing…

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  4. deimile says:

    I’ve had times where I would just take a whole day to myself. It’s usually when my hubs pisses me off beyond my capability to forgive him that day or when I’m completely fed up with life and my beloved children. And it feels great… for a day. I can’t handle more than that. After spending more money than I should have I come back home and shower everyone with love as I miss them so much!

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  5. Magdalena Reilly says:

    This is an amazing perspective of a day in the life of a mom… (I am married with no kids — but lived with my nieces as “their nanny” once upon a time, and was in the role of “mom”)

    And every time I question why my mom at her age of 60 doesn’t stop worrying about making dinners for my dad and about my brother and me (we all live apart), I understand, it never goes away…the mommy brain…

    Lastly, being married, I did notice at the beginning I got frustrated with my role of being more of the homemaker (I work less hours than my husband outside the house), but then I realized I was also taking over the kitchen a lot more… (my husband is the type that does like to cook) so one time when I was away visiting family by myself, he learned to make bread after I showed him how I did it…and he mastered it and made it taste even better….so I guess my own lesson also was to include my husband into the “wifesphere / kitchen space” and he was more than willing to be the literal other half of the household…. and I spend all the money I have to visit my nieces because I feel attached to them and miss them all the time as if they were my kids … the love isn’t irreplaceable and just fills the heart to the brim

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    • Baffledmum says:

      Thank you for such a great comment! Your right, mums never stop worrying & like you I’m the same with my nieces & nephews. The love of a child is all that’s required to switch our brains into never-ending worry mode… X

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  6. sam basu says:

    It’s so weird, but just 2 days ago I got the same thought, that I would travel alone to my favourite places and will absolutely forget about my present life. Ha ha, πŸ˜ƒ I guess these thoughts are very common then.

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  7. dwijeshsharma says:

    Once a mom, always a mom. May be people should realise that knowingly or unknowingly we take our parents for granted. Especially moms… Great write up! Made me realise how miserable my life will become if my mom didn’t wake me up. Thank you! Greetings!

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  8. Positively Alyssa says:

    Amazing post! I am so glad that I found your blog because it seems like your blog will be great to read! I also wanted to thank you for liking my post about Mental Health Awareness. I do hope you will enjoy some of my other future post! I can not wait to read more of your post and I hope you have a great week!

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  9. MissteriosoDas says:

    This was so cute.I guess that’s why we are yet to discover what are mummy’s made of. They always return back to their mom heads. I am sure all the moms out their need their break too but their heart is too soft.
    I am not sure which I am right now. I definitely want to spend a little more time with just myself and not go to work. (By staying healthy of course) Skipping work due to health issues cannot be considered as a time spent well even if I had to skip office πŸ˜›

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