Dealing with bullies

Bullies are everywhere!

They reside on the school playground, in the work place, in the car parks even in our homes. There’s honestly no place to hide from them.

A bully will put you down, direct rude remarks in your direction, hit you and make your life a living hell!

So how do you deal with a bully?

In some instances, bullies can be reported and dealt with. Such as in school or in a workplace; reports can be made, investigated and handled. In other circumstances, bullies can be avoided. If you stay out of their way, you wont get the abuse.Β 

But what do you do when the bully is inside your head?

Yes, that’s where this post is heading…

The bully that is you, the bully that is bullying yourself, the bully that you can’t report and the bully that you can’t escape!


This post was inspired by my youngest son. During a conversation with him the other day, he told me he was useless!

Obviously this shocked me as he was so serious, not his normal jokey self. I told him “Your not useless“, to which he replied “yes I am, I can’t do anything!

He was talking about school work as he is really struggling at the moment. The conversation went on with me explaining to him that his teacher was really impressed as he was trying so hard to improve academically. Also, just because he isn’t good at maths, doesn’t mean he hasn’t got other talents. I told him he was a computer whiz and his imagination was out of this world! Furthermore, I told him, he could accomplish anything if he truly wanted to…

My words worked and he left happier in himself… He went off to fight a battle with his toy soldiers in his bedroom – Told you he’s imaginative!


But it made me think about that bully that lays dormant in our heads, always ready and willing to put us down when we are at our weakest.

How do we tackle this bully?

How do we stay positive when this little devil is on alert and can easily turn our positivity into negativity?

It’s so easy to listen to that bully when we don’t have another person to tell us we are worth it. However, we are not always surrounded by good friends and loved ones to give us that lift, that push back into our positive, happy place.

How do WE deal with the bully OURSELVES?

Push that bully out of your head! Hit them hard with so much positive talk, positive quotes, positive thoughts, positive aspirations that the bully finds it hard to breathe and leaves its place in your head!

And the positivity doesn’t stop there. You must ensure that it never comes back. Fill that empty space from which the bully left, with self-love.

Look yourself in the mirror, smile and soak in the good energy. Tell yourself you are worth it and you are good enough.

To tackle any bully we must first tackle ourselves. If we can’t put ourselves down, then what hope does any bully have? NONE!


I understand this is an ongoing battle… but it is a battle we all fight.

Please leave me a comment and share any other tips you have on promoting self-love.

Be kind to yourselves…

Suki… X


58 thoughts on “Dealing with bullies

  1. Sundaram Chauhan says:

    ….oh that was sent midway….I m sorry. I have kind of calmed it down this bully by achieving the targets, the daily ones amidst all the noise it keeps making. At the end of the day, my brain has understood that it might shout but can’t really hurt me. It’s weak. And thrives only on our fears.
    Good post Suki…πŸ€˜πŸ‘πŸ€˜

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  2. southernlycomfort says:

    Great post! That bully lives on in so many of our heads. I practice daily to keep the noise out. I speak as kindly to myself as I would a small child. My favorite line is “I am fine, great, magnificent, extraordinary.”

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  3. MissusBird says:

    I hate fear- that’s my battle a lot of the time-fear or people, fear of what they think of me etc πŸ™„ I think it’s good to acknowledge whatever fears you have, then speak out loud your worthiness of greatness. Eg. “I deserve to be happy”, “I will not tolerate people who do not respect me”, “I will speak truth even if the crowd doesn’t agree” and so on. πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ that’s what I’d do at least 😊

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  4. Jay-lyn Doerksen says:

    I have learned to deal very simply with the bully in my head: as soon as that voice goes off I stop and start chanting: Shut up and get out of my head. Over and over and over until finally I have drowned the voice or driven it into the closet it likes to hide in. The more that I have done this, the quieter and quieter that voice is becoming. πŸ™‚

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  5. The kaby's says:

    Great Interpretation….as usually you do in every post…
    This is one of my favorite topic…
    Self Love : The way to meet him who we actually are. But the coffer is in the webs weaved by the demons keeping us apart from this valuable treasure. Like silent killers, cut the threads one by one and make your way through the chest of the bully…..
    Wonderful post..

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  6. MissteriosoDas says:

    I like the way you handled the situation. For one thing when a childs mind gets set to something it’s really important to change it if the thinking is wrong. They are at such a tender age.
    You’re right though. It’s always in our mind. Not just kids but even adults have so much of doubts and lack of self confidence that it is really hard to get over it and look at the brighter side. We must always believe the achievements we have in our life is because of us and we can do whatever we want to only if our heart and mind is set towards it.
    Great post😍

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  7. Eliza says:

    Love this post!
    I don’t find it easy not to listen to the negativity as it isn’t self talk but negative beliefs based on reality.
    Something that has helped me a lot is writing to myself and tuning into the me that believes in me.

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