Do dogs need friends?

They say dogs are a man’s best friend… I agree.

Does that mean that I am also his best friend? Or am I just his pack leader? … Or, am I just the woman who feeds him, walks him and cleans up his mess?!

Do dogs even need friends?

I adopted my dog (Kofi) as a puppy and tried to give him the best start in life. He has fresh home-made meals, good exercise and plenty of training. I have socialized him from day one, just as you would a child. New sounds were introduced and we took him everywhere with us so he would get used to people and traffic.

Just like we take our children to parent-toddler groups to teach them how to play with other kids, I took Kofi to training groups so he would learn to play nicely with other dogs. And for a while it worked.

Then he hit doggy teenage years and the niceness came to an abrupt end! He bit another dog! I was mortified!!!

So I did what any responsible dog owner would do, I started to muzzle him. Again we tried to introduce him to other dogs, at a slower pace this time, but he wasn’t having it.

Kofi is now 2 years old and we take him to a different training group at the weekend. Here, he is well-behaved, follows every command, walks to heel and ignores the other dogs. Perfect! We’ve even been asked to consider giving him to the police force to become a service dog! Obviously I said no.

However, during regular walks, if we see another dog he will go into attack mode.

We can’t win!

All we want is for him to have some friends…

Luckily our prayers were answered. He finally found a friend to play with. We have visits from this friend daily and Kofi waits anxiously for his arrival. Some days he is lucky enough to have 2 visits! Kofi will follow his friend around the house happily wagging his tail and offering his toy ball to his loyal friend. It’s a match made in heaven! There hasn’t been a single fight and I hope it stays that way.

Kofi hates when his friend has to leave… He’ll sit gazing in the direction of his departure, awaiting his return.

I managed to snap this cute picture of them playing a few days ago. As you can see, Kofi has brought over his ball to share with his friend…

As you might be able to work out, Kofi’s best friend is the hoover!

He loves him to bits!

It’s lucky Kofi sheds so much otherwise his friend wouldn’t visit so often.

It’s a strange friendship but if you ever saw Kofi play with the hoover, you would agree it is definitely a friendship.

And I’m happy that he’s happy… After all, a friend is a friend, is any form !!!

38 thoughts on “Do dogs need friends?

  1. The kaby's says:

    Yes. Dogs need friends. Obviously dogs like the members of their own tribe, who look exactly similar to them. Unfortunately, we can’t be. [But on Very FEW occasions, it is possible.] After all, every rule isn’t 100% followed.

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    • Angela Rainbow says:

      I think dogs need to be stimulated by having walks and exercises. So that they can sniff poles or grass with other dog’s left behind, etc. But some of them may not require actual interaction with other dogs. Their way of social can be very different than human.

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  2. MissteriosoDas says:

    Haha that indeed is a perfect friend for Kofi. I can see love in his eyes πŸ˜‚
    But on a serious note, I saw my dog get ferocious in front of others dogs too. Though she wouldn’t bite but I guess it’s their Jealous factor that seems to get hold of them. They just can’t bear us having friendship with other dogs and so I guess it’s hard for pet dogs to get accustomed to their presence. Now Kofi definitely doesn’t see you cuddling the hoover. So maybe he thinks it’s not something for him to worry. You never know what the dogs are actually thinking though πŸ™‚

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  3. lifestylebella says:

    I think it depends on the breed. One of my dogs loves just being with us and doesn’t care for other dogs – doesn’t get mean with them, but doesn’t care for them. My other dog is a dog thatclike to travel with other dogs and desperately seeks them on walks and loves when we have dog fiends who visit.

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  4. Nick Holland says:

    Our Dog Eddie (yes the one in my posts), has always been pretty good around other dogs. When our family expanded though we found he became very protective of our son, not necessarily a bad thing, but we do have to keep an eye on it. On another note,I really enjoy the twist at the end of some of your posts!

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  5. Jay-lyn Doerksen says:

    I ever only had one social dog. He loved everyone and had no boundaries. He would run up to another dog (and due to his size) would shove his nose in their butts and sniff away, tail wagging. As you can guess not all dogs appreciated this. However, his two brothers while adoring him detested all other dogs. We kept those ones at home. (One even had a thing against men and would stand over me barking ferociously at any male who entered into the house. Despite being all over them outside!) Dogs are wonderful creatures and their friends can be of the human variety or the hoover variety. Or dog but some dogs are not cut out to befriend other dogs.

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  6. Angela Rainbow says:

    So funny! I think each dog has different character and some are more social than another. Just like my two dogs, my black poodle wants to play all day and is very friendly to most dogs. However, my Yorkie enter fight mode 95% when he sees a dog bigger than him in size. As he’s a Yorkie, you can tell most of the dogs in this world are bigger than him in size. πŸ˜“ At home, he simple ignore my poodle (which is better than fighting him anyway). However he did find one dog as his buddy, meaning he even played with him when we meet once in a while.

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  7. shoniessky says:

    very cute story and sounds so much like children. I think that’s why it’s so easy to love and care for animals. I feel he may have just been the only child and felt a sense of jealousy to see another and went in attack mode lol but I think it panned out well. He found someone he likes! and that often happens with kids as well. so happy for him and love the picture. so cute!!! xoxo

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