Hunting trip

It’s time for a boys weekend! Matt and Dave can’t wait! It’s been a stressful few months with work and family life so this getaway is really needed.

They decide to book a cabin in the forest where they had spent their childhood family trips. They had met there over 20 years ago when their families had booked neighbouring cabins, they had soon become best friends.

So they pack, kiss their families goodbye and set off…

The trip gets off to an amazing start! There’s no nagging wives, no screaming children, just lots of meat to throw on the barbecue and plenty of beer! Perfect! A perfect start to another perfect boys weekend… Perfect!

In the morning the boys wake up aiding a slight hang over. But they decide nothing is going to stop them making the most of the day. So they decide to take their usual hangover remedy – hair of the dog! They quickly chug back a beer each before setting off on their hunting trip.

About 30 minutes into the hunt, Dave suddenly collapses! Matt hurries to his side, he doesn’t seem to be breathing! Matt is panicked but manages to call 999…

999 Operator: Emergency services, which department please?

Matt: Ambulance! My Mate has collapsed!

Matt is transferred through…

Operator: Ambulance services, how can I help?

Matt: Please, my mate has collapsed!

Operator: Ok sir, please stay calm.

Matt: Stay calm?! How can I stay calm?! My friend is dead, what am I supposed to do?

Matt is really anxious now, his fingers are trembling and tears are streaming down his face.

Operator: Please sir, you must stay calm so I can try to help. Before we do anything let’s make sure he’s dead.

There’s silence on Matt’s end of the phone line then… a gun shot! 

Matt: Ok… Now what? !!!



Alcohol, enjoyed by many but remember to always be careful, it can mess with your judgment and lead to misinterpretations…

Have you ever done something stupid after a few drinks? Drop me a comment and let me know.

An embarrassment shared is an embarrassment halved … (Not really but I could do with a laugh!)


33 thoughts on “Hunting trip

  1. The kaby's says:

    To be very honest,
    I’m only 18. So I never have drunk…
    And nothing did any stupid thing…πŸ˜„
    Oh.. I’m lucky I think………Am I?… πŸ€“..
    Well, I enjoyed this post very much. Though I read it twice to understand what exactly is happened 😁 !!……It isn’t complicated however 😝

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Sundaram Chauhan says:

    HahahaaπŸ€˜πŸ™Œ… the way you describe guys I love it. It was awesome… When under the influence, I always used to text my ex… the one who never really became an ex until the day my then current got to know about it and became an ex… then I got married, and now I don’t drink🀐

    Liked by 3 people

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