Road Rage!

Is it just me or does there appear to be more and more road rage incidents happening daily?

Mondays and Fridays seem to be the worst! Mondays, as drivers are running late for work in the morning and Fridays as everyone is in a rush to get home to start the weekend!



If you’re worried about being late, leave 5 minutes earlier! I understand Mondays are tough, its difficult to leave the comfort of your bed and start another week at work. But you have to work so get over it! Be more positive! Think of the things you have to look forward to and use that as inspiration to get yourself up earlier in the mornings.

And as for Fridays and getting home as soon as possible… Your home will still be there when you arrive 5 or 10 minutes later… Just take a breath and slow down.


I don’t understand the point of spurting verbal abuse at other drivers, half the time they can’t even hear you! So why get yourself frustrated and worked up? And as for hand gestures, do they really mean anything? You show someone the middle finger, what’s that going to accomplish? They’ll show you their middle finger back. Yippee! Has anything changed? Has the profanity abolished the reason for your road rage? No, so just let it go… Don’t take your irritation out on others and bring them down… Just take a breath and calm down.


This is the best way to start a chain reaction. You’ll beep your car horn, another driver will beep theirs, another will follow the lead…and so on! This then leads on to the swearing, cars stopping, you getting later, everyone getting angrier, more beeping, more swearing, getting even later, until finally someone gives up and moves along! What’s been accomplished? You’re now very late and very annoyed and chances are you’ll carry this aggression around with you for the day! … Just take a deep breath and exhale the bad energy away.


People need to realise, there are more cars on the roads nowadays so be prepared for delays and incidents.

There are young inexperienced drivers, there are family drivers, there are disabled drivers,ย there are slower reacting drivers, there are extra careful – checking 3 times drivers then there’s you.

You are all driving for a reason – to get to a destination! So stay calm and get there safely…pexels-photo-1051071.jpeg

Do you know the best way to stay calm whilst driving? Put on some music and sing your heart out, nobody can hear you – unless you decide to roll down the windows!

And my favourite song to sing, which might help some of you… From the hit album ‘Frozen’ … ‘Let it go!’

Are you a road rager? Or are you a calm, relaxed driver? Let me know in the comment box…

Suki… X

38 thoughts on “Road Rage!

  1. Thought for Change says:

    I can’t driver ๐Ÿ˜. Nice post. My dad do get a bit angry while driving though, I always asks him to slow down and not to be angry at other drivers.

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  2. Mish Mash Lifestyle Blog says:

    I have to say I really do not understand road rage. I get that some drivers out there can annoy you but not that extent! Having said that, I had an older lady be so upset with me that she showed me the middle finger. Not really sure if that made her feel better. Maybe it did. So to that, I smiled and showed her thumbs up;)

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  3. Miss A says:

    I can get freakin angry on the roads here in Dubai because people drive like nutters but for the most I keep calm and just think โ€œsmall penis, small penis, small penisโ€ and then it feels better.

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  4. Claudette says:

    Here in the Greater Toronto Area, there are two seasons: winter, and construction.

    Yes, road rage is alive and well, although I have managed to keep it together till after I get home. ๐Ÿ™ƒ

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  5. Todd says:

    I drive only a few times a year and during those times I manage to mostly avoid road rage. Like you say, there’s so little point to it. And as you said above, in the US (where I end up driving most – I rarely need a car at home in Toronto), road rage often quickly turns to violence. My partner, Sage, always tells me before I leave for a business trip in the US: “Don’t upset anyone – they have guns there!”

    Where I’ve had trouble, though, is on my bike. If a driver does something that risks my life – passes *very* close or turns right in front of me, I have been known to find myself reacting before I am even aware of it – chasing them down to tell them how they could have killed me or giving a gesture if I can’t catch them. Over the years as a cyclist, though, I’m learning to mostly control that. I realized after some time that even then, when the stakes are so high with my life literally having been at risk, there’s no point. It is very rare in those instances for a driver to be remorseful or apologize. Things just escalate. After a conflict with a driver I can feel upset for hours afterward – and if I was particularly agitated I can add embarrassment to the list of things I feel for hours. If I just take a deep breath and be grateful that it was a close call and not a collision, the bad feelings pass much sooner and I’m on my way…

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    • Baffledmum says:

      It’s the reactions that are hard to control because instinct is to stand up for ourselves. But when standing up for yourself can lead to more rage then there’s really no point… I’m glad you’re managing to control yourself… X

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  6. Sundaram Chauhan says:

    Awesome post! I’m a calm one, and even let others go before me, if they are so much in a hurry. But here in India, with a totally different kind of road (non)sense, I have to work hard to remain calm, and the heat doesn’t help either.

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