A journey with me

Every mistake is a learning curb, you say you’ve had enough of making mistakes, but these mistakes have made you stronger, wiser, the person I see

So make a mistake, or two, with me.


There’s a light at the end of every dark tunnel, your tunnel became longer and wider as you travelled through it, it became murkier and gloomier, you lost your sense of direction but you’re back on track and are almost through

When you reach the light, I will still be standing beside you.


Place some trust in yourself, trust in your instincts, trust in your choices, trust you’ll make the right decisions, trust you can make your life better, trust the future will allow you to be happy and trust the people who are always there

Then trust in my love for you and this journey we share.


affection afterglow backlit blur

Photo by luizclas on Pexels.com

© 2018 Poem by Baffledmum (Suki Matharu) 

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