My father, a great man

My father taught me many things

He truly is such a great man

He taught me to live to the fullest

Even when I didn’t have a plan.

He taught me when it was time to be serious

He also explained when I could act like a clown

He showed me how to conquer my fear

And how to pick myself up after falling down.

He taught me how to establish right from wrong

How I should own up if I was to blame

He showed me how to stand up for my beliefs

And to never allow my head to bow in shame.

He taught to never stop fighting

That life will often make me stumble

He showed me how I must keep surviving

And never allow my hopes and dreams to crumble.

My father truly is a great man

He loves life’s joys and handles its pain

He taught me how to follow in his footsteps

To cherish all the memories I shall gain.

I thank you father for all you are

For supporting me and I travel my road

I hope I can make you proud of my choices

As I follow the wisdom you have bestowed.


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©2018 Poetry by Baffledmum (Suki Matharu)




30 thoughts on “My father, a great man

  1. Positively Alyssa says:

    This was a beautiful poem and I am sure your amazing father will love it!!! I have not been close to my father as he has been absent from my life. My Grandfather, which is his father, was an amazing man that I will always treasure. He passed away almost 5 years ago, but he love will always remain in my heart!

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