Where babies come from

Don’t you just hate awkward questions?!

Those questions kids ask, where you know the answer but you don’t know how to answer. Especially when your child is too young to understand the concept without being revolted!

This was one of those conversations…

Son: Mum, where do babies come from?

Mum: Ummm… You’ll find out in secondary school.

Son: What? I don’t want a baby in secondary school! I want one when I’m old… about 30.

Mum: Firstly, 30 is not old. And secondly you won’t have a baby in secondary school but the teachers will explain where they come from.

Son: But why can’t you just tell me? …  Have you forgotten? You went to school a long time ago.

Mum: No, of course I haven’t forgotten. I had you didn’t I? But teachers can explain it…properly.

Son: Ok… I get it.

Mum: What does that mean?

Son: I think it’s like maths.

Mum: Maths? I don’t understand sweetheart, what do you mean?

Son: Well… you always say how much maths has changed since your days… maybe where babies come from has changed as well!!!

baby sleeping in a basket and a round feather surrounding the basket

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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