Easier life

Quote – Sometimes, happier can be misunderstood….

Heart Vs Head

Poetry – My heart is desperate to take you back, my head is telling me NO!…

Something missing

A short story – I knew I couldn’t go on like this, something had to change. It wouldn’t be easy but it had to be done…

Not strong enough

I might come across hard-faced, but that doesn’t mean I’m strong, I might seem like I can handle anything….

People keep telling me

Poetry – People keep telling me to get over you… To move on, to get away… They don’t understand my struggles…..


Betrayed – A poem about betrayal. Of breaking another’s heart and trust. Of hurting somebody so deep, it’s hard for them to trust again…

Got you wrong

A poem describing how hard it is to read a person…


A Poem about Love… An unkind love that plays games with your heart…

Yes I’m strong

A poem about how even strong people are hurt… emotionally! Emotion pain cuts deeper than physical pain.


The day you went and left me in this world alone You took away my life of love Leaving me with a soul of stone.   The delicate birds and flowers I noticed whilst you were near All this worlds beautiful creations With you they vanished into thin air.   I felt life’s dreams and…