The Invisible Man turns good

Blended story – This story is inspired by an idea sent into me by a fellow blogger…


Trying to get validation

Mind of a Child – My kids, as I expect many others, see holidays as an excuse to let school work take a back seat…

Run away

A Short Story – I’m running as fast as I can! Out of my classroom grabbing my coat on the way…

Exam stress

Blended story – A 3 paragraph story written with my 15 year old son…

My week 03/02/2019

My blog – catchup with all the latest from my crazy life this week!

Career path

It’s hard to advise your children about career paths, especially when they don’t listen to you…!

Dealing with bullies

Bullies are everywhere! Always ready to put you down, to make you feel unworthy and helpless. So how do you deal with a bully? How do you protect yourself…?

Top Marks!

End of term school exams are here. Some children fly through them, some really struggle. Then there’s the children who… well lets just say – they’re completely oblivious…

Garbage man

Picking a career path can be difficult for children so they have to consider all the pro’s and con’s…

My Clever Son

My 9 year old is such a clever lad who comes up with some great solutions to better the world….

A letter to my bully

Dear Bully, I’m sorry I could not be your friend For whatever I did to offend. I must have said something unkind I apologise if I ever whined. I didn’t mean to make you look bad I wouldn’t hurt you or want you to feel sad. I know I look a lot different to you…

Arranged marriage

My 12 year old son had to debate on ‘arranged marriage’ at school.
Continue reading to find out his thoughts